Stress, Fear, Darkness & Disease…

Stress, Fear, Darkness & Disease

There is no stress, fear, darkness or disease. As I get up everyday before the sunrise, I make my way into the gym. The house is quiet. It’s 5:00 am. I slowly ease myself into my first yoga pose. Then it’s free weights and cardio. This is a seven day a week ritual. When my workout is done, I go and kiss my beautiful wife, and then I frame the day.

I am in the shower with eyes closed and palms up. I am reciting the words, “There is no stress, fear, darkness or disease.” I repeat this over and over again. I become alive with intention. The water symbolically cleanses me. I open my eyes, the world belongs to me.

I’ve been meditating for the vast majority of my life. And those who have spent any real time with me {especially over the past 25 years}, would tell you about the peace and calmness that comes from me. This is not a flex. This is a fact. And that peace and calmness comes from framing the day. I affirm that there is no stress, fear, darkness or disease. I eat, think and live like that. And because I do, the day rarely gets the best of me. In fact, I don’t think it ever does. I see all events both pain and pleasure, as necessary for understanding the human experience.

Change the narrative of your life. Make your first words thank you, not fuck you. Believe that you are blessed. Wait for the blessings to catch up to you. Reverse the curse. It can be done. And the quickest way to do that is with intention. So my challenge…

21 days does not make a habit. It actually is 66 days. Why do I bring that up? Spend the next 66 days in the shower {or where ever} and repeat the words “There is no stress, fear, darkness or disease.” If that doesn’t resonate with you, create your own mantra. Say it in the shower, car, before bed or whenever you may in fact be feeling your mind slip into the negative. You will change your life.

You can spend the next 66 days programming your mind. Or, you can wonder if this exercise is bullshit. Either way, the days will pass. And if you’re still reading this, may my challenge be accepted.


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Vance Larson


I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years who has spent the last decade working as both a Life…

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