Strange Beliefs Could Just Be Undiscovered…

Strange Beliefs Could Just Be Undiscovered

Most of us believe there are things in the world that we cannot see or explain through conventional methods. Some 57% of Americans believe in psychic phenomena, for example. More than half of Americans believe in ESP and spiritual healing, which isn’t all that strange when you consider that 80% of Americans believe in God in some form, and 66% of those people believe that God can heal you with supernatural forces. There was a time when people didn’t believe in microorganisms and antibiotics, only humours and blood-letting, so it stands to reason there are still plenty of unexplained things in this world we may one day have explanations for.

Cryptids are a great example of this. When there are creatures we have no proof of, there’s a good chance they just haven’t been officially “discovered” yet. Bigfoot may be real after all, but we just won’t get to see him until his habitat suffers some sort of disaster. There are, after all, several tribes worldwide that have made little or no contact with the outside world as of yet, so not everyone lives in the same society we do.

Learn more about the prevalence of so-called “strange beliefs” around the world from this infographic.

(Infographic Courtesy of Online Psychics


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