Do Storms, Hurricanes And Tornados Have Divine Intelligence?…

Do Storms, Hurricanes And Tornados Have Divine Intelligence?

A tornado touched down in the small east Texas town of Nacogdoches. Without warning, it plummeted through one of the grandest old neighborhood streets, snapping multiple old-mature trees like toothpicks. It made its way toward Burrows Street, lifting and tossing several of my large terracotta clay pots and their contents onto the backyard lawn which amazingly, were not even broken.

Next, it jumped over the apartment building next to our rental house, leaving both unharmed, and tore the roof off a house next door to the apartment’s north side; then it seemed to evaporate and disappear.

That was 1996. I never gave it another thought until I was cleaning up after Hurricane Irma a few days ago. Fast forward to September of this year in Florida. My old white board fence needed a few more repairs. I knew there were a few weak spots but discovered a few more after Irma. Oops. Several unnamed bushes on the east side had grown like weeds. I did not plant them, but I tried to respect their presence. I considered Mother Nature an ally. They had been planted by an unstablehousemate a few years ago. No one could identify them, but I shrugged my shoulders and tended to them as best I could. All three of them, in different locations along the fence, were torn up by the storm and are now waiting to pick up on the street.

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Storms for Cleansing

Was this an overdue cleansing or reboot of the energy that surrounded us?

I raked leaves, picked up small branches and carried armfuls that had been strewn about to my growing pile of branches. What a mess, I mused. Not only the poor ravaged wind-burned vegetation that survived this battering, as I looked around, but the interruption with everything in our lives; a mandatory break from normalcy called by the Universe. I was thankful and had much gratitude for the minor repairs as I hauled more broken limbs to the curb.

Later that afternoon, with the hot sun beating down, I retrieved the pool net from its home in the backyard and began the task of removing the leaves that had found their way to the bottom of my pool. While methodically scooping out the leaves from the water, the oddest thought struck me. And I realized in that moment, that my three beach balls were still in the pool. Really, they could have easily ended up in Miami or Palm Beach, 30 miles or more in either direction, with Irmas winds that had swept so brutally across the state and beyond. I looked across the pool and my 3 hanging crystals and wind chimes were also still fine. I looked up and the small line of lights around and across the pool was untouched! I wondered:

Do storms have consciousness or divine intelligence that has escaped our awareness thus far?

Even though most will remember that, a few years ago, it was predicated by most major scientists and geological experts that it was only a matter of time before California would fall into the ocean from the San Andreas fault that ran pretty much the length of the state. It hasnt. And, we dont hear very much about that these days. Did consciousness shift that as well?

Connections with Nature

We are connected and are dependent on our earth for survival. The air we breathe. The water we drink. The food we grow. The energy we receive and feel from our connection while outdoors. Maybe that’s why we call her “mother”?

Those, of course, are tangible things we see and can easily acknowledge. But what if our ongoing shift and change have deeper threads than we have not yet fully acknowledged? Has our shift in consciousness connected us, in part, to our changing reality, road to higher compassion for one another and is somehow tied to this cycle and our severe weather? Are we one with Gaia? And what we do to her, we do to ourselves? I understand that we are not separate from this spinning mass we call earth but are inextricably connected. We must begin to wake up to this connection.

In a crisis, everything is thrown for a loop, and in this case, ones true nature is on exhibit for all to see. Take the example of Joel Osteen and Mattress Matt. Where did the compassionate action surface? We witness the external and note the internal shifts within ourselves. Phyllis, an astrologer simply says it this way, Whew. Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and BIG personal shifts: ALL are Effects of the Eclipses!”  More invisible threads which show up in our external worlds created by the quiet storm and changing reality within ourselves. Are you the same today as you were last year? Five years ago?

Author Pamela Eakins writes, wind is the realm of conscious self-awareness. Throughout the world of wind, swirling wings of illumination continually arise from the subconscious mind. That which is contained in the matrix of our being begins to make itself known. Thought comes alive and becomes focused as potential begins to realize itself on the mental plane. We increase our emotional energy through affirming our openness of Love. The veil of darkness is pierced by sudden comprehension.”  

I highly suspect this is more reality than metaphor; however, it needs to be recognized. As long as we can be open to the seemingly impossible and magic of our world, all things are possible. An open mind is one that can receive new insights and discard old beliefs which no longer serve us or humanity.

We must ask ourselves, not why?  But, Why not? After all, I believe, we are the powerful co-creators of our world and Universes. It is our lightnot our fear that must guide us. I believe we can help to change many things, including the path of strong winds. We must embrace the wind as divine intelligence within us, cleansing and clearing and being in the question, because it is a part of who we are. When we do, the limitless possibility of Love awaits, no matter how it looks!  

Now, help me visualize the next alignment for the highest good for all and the most benevolent outcome as we send loving energy to our “Mother”.  

If you believe,

we are pieces of the divine creator

we have the power to move and change energyeven hurricanes like Irma!


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