Vanquishing Stress: 5 Steps To A Worry-Free Life…

Vanquishing Stress: 5 Steps To A Worry-Free Life

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There are dozens of things to worry about in each of our lives.

From national tragedies to a sick child, it’s easy to fall into a state of fear.

Worry can consume us, paralyze us, and prevent us from seeing the good in the world.

Most of what we worry about never happens, and worry doesn’t ease the painful events that do happen. How can we stop doing it?

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1. Surrender the things you can’t control

There is much in life outside of our control—the weather, other people, and situations.

Worrying about what we can’t control leads to suffering.

Focusing on what we can control—our thoughts and behavior—leads to serenity.

We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose our response.

2. Practice gratitude upon waking

Once the mind starts to worry, it is difficult to get it to stop.

When we wake, the tendency is to think about the problems of the day.

Thinking of what you have to be grateful for at the start of the day gets the mind in the habit of focusing on the positive.

3. If you start to worry, physically change locations

The mind likes to spiral once it latches on to a negative thought.

Changing locations can help. If you find yourself ruminating, get up and take a walk or create something with your hands.

When the mind is engaged in a new task in a new location, it can break the worry spiral and allow the mind to focus on something else.

4. Fear and faith cannot exist in the same space

Pain in life is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If the mind becomes fearful, try to focus on love and trust in the universe.

Focusing on our fears will make them grow. When you are in a state of fear and agitation, you cannot make positive decisions.

If you become still and have faith, often choices appear that help you cope with a situation.

5. Be gentle with yourself

Often, we will worry, which leads to worrying about the fact that we are worrying!

It is natural, and we all do it. Show yourself some compassion and resist the desire to criticize yourself.

As in meditation, accept the worrisome thought and then refocus the mind on the now moment.


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