Stop Pretending To Be Color Blind!…

Stop Pretending To Be Color Blind!

Yes, yes, I know. These are strange, unsettling and challenging times we are living in.

Smack on the heels of the Covid pandemic, people worldwide are trying to figure out appropriate and respectful ways to respond to and support the #blacklivesmatter movement. With that focus, one thing we are being challenged with is the need to take an honest look at our personal use of language, which can be tricky, since subtle biases often go unseen.

Here’s just one example. It’s one I have heard repeatedly both growing up in the UK, and while having lived in the Bahamas for more than thirty years.

The common statement is, “I don’t see color.”

This often repeated response, from well meaning white people is an attempt to be sensitive and inclusive, but it is not true. We DO see color. We see it clearly and there is no denying it. And I am grateful we do.

I LOVE seeing the diversity of skin color. I wonder at and admire people with golden hues. I marvel at dark, mahogany skin, the beauty of it is incredible.

I am fascinated by soft, pink skin that has rosy, joyful freckles. And I am disarmed by those who have almost porcelain like skin, that seems to shine with an other worldly quality.

Yes, I LOVE color, I LOVE the diversity. I rejoice and marvel at it.

And yet, and yet, I marvel much more at what shines through the skin and through the eyes.

The light of THAT is unmistakable.

Something much deeper and more profound is here, and it can only be seen when we recognize IT in ourselves.

This recognition must take place if we are ever to have any hope of healing what has been so badly disregarded and broken.

If we see with the eyes of real seeing, we will recognize that despite the different colored forms we inhabit, we are all ONE Self, or Spirit or whatever name you wish to give to the mystery of Source.

Do you recognize this too? If you do, then there is hope for our world.

The more people wake up to this recognition, the more chance we have of being able to live together in harmony. The more chance we have of being able to honor our differences and work together to build relationships rather than tear them down.

Now more than ever, the world needs people to wake up.

Are you awake?

Are you true to this place of seeing?

If so, please stay here.

That way, humanity has a chance.


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Julie Hoyle


Julie Hoyle is a spiritual teacher, artist, and author of four bestselling books about awakening and deepening into the recognition…

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