Stop Comparing Yourself To Others…

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When Bill Gates’s father asked Warren Buffet(Berkshire Hathaway) and Bill Gates(Microsoft) to write one word that contributed most to their success, they both, without knowing that the other did the same thing, wrote down the word, Focus.

My friends, in all this chaos, Focus and Self-Awareness are our best friends. We keep on getting involved in things that we have no control over. We keep comparing ourselves to others for no reason. Sometimes, we decide to live in the past and other times we like to think about plans. In all this, the action is minimum and limited to the survival mode. The thing is that no one can push us up the mountain. It will require a tremendous amount of force for someone to move us up compared to if we desire to make ourselves. Oh well, it is a different thing if one does not even want to climb the mountain. It is socially acceptable to some extent, but that will be a waste of a unique ability that only this person has.

It is understandable that living in society, we look at people to analyze the norms, but that does not mean that we have to be stuck there. Goals are like traveling on a highway heading towards the specific destination of our choice. Let us suppose that we have to take an exit to take care of something; we must not waste our time arguing with someone or something unimportant. We must get back to the highway to keep moving towards our destination. The same happens with our goals. We must not get distracted by trivial things and things that we have no control over. We must practice being aware of ourselves and our desired goals. We can keep our Focus on our destination while feeling the present and not get involved in the distractions that bring no value to us or others and only causes confusion.

My friends, the best war we will ever fight will be with ourselves. The best win ever will be conquering ourselves. The worst loss will be losing to ourselves. We have too much to find out about ourselves. We can work on ourselves and our goals instead of worrying about other people’s opinions or comparing ourselves to feel better or worse. With more self-awareness and less comparison, we can see the outer world the way our inside world is. And we allow less of the outside to affect the inside. We stay more aware of ourselves and focus on our goal, on our strengths, and keep serving to the best of our abilities. Following the rule, ” Plan your work, work your plan.” Focusing and going for it until we get there.

We all grow together🙏🙏. I love you all ❤❤


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Waheed R Khan


I love speaking and writing about never giving up, finding strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, positive and negative energies, and resiliency,…

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