7 Stones To Balance Your Heart Chakra…

7 Stones To Balance Your Heart Chakra


Our heart chakra, otherwise known as the Heart Center, is where the center of our energy resides.

It is the bridge between our upper and lower chakras, balancing the physical and spiritual world.

A balanced heart chakra brings us unconditional love and compassion.

We feel serenity and peace, as this chakra guides us towards the betterment of humanity and ourselves.

This chakra allows us to see that we are all connected as one, and we are open to generosity, respect, empathy, and service towards one another.

Crystal healing is one of the many ways to balance chakras.

Meditating and carrying a stone can assist in realigning and harmonizing our energies. To heal your heart chakra, here are seven stones that you can connect to:

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Rose Quartz

This stone brings unconditional love and infinite peace.

It purifies and opens the heart chakra on all levels, bringing deep inner healing.

It attracts love, strengthens empathy, and releases negative vibrations, replacing it with loving energy.


Emerald enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership.

It opens the heart chakra to calm our emotions.

It allows us to recover from negative emotions and replaces them with positive action. Emerald strengthens the ability to enjoy life to its fullest.


A protective stone for the aura, Peridot cleanses both the subtle and physical bodies.

It opens, cleanses and activates the heart chakra, removing negative patterns and old vibrations that no longer serve you.

Peridot motivates growth and assists in the necessary changes of life.


This stone brings unconditional love and serenity.

It teaches you how to live in harmony with nature and guides the way towards spiritual growth.

Prehnite is a beneficial stone for energy workers, as it heals the healer.


An emotional balancer, Rhodonite transmutes emotional trauma and pain into forgiveness and love.

It encourages one in achieving their highest potential. It stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra.


A symbol of purity and serenity, Jade gathers wisdom and tranquility.

It aids in emotional release, harmonizing the heart in the process.

It helps you recognize that you are a spiritual being on a human journey and to not lose sight of your path.

Green Aventurine

A healer of the heart, Green Aventurine brings well-being and emotional calmness.

It stimulates the heart’s new growth and brings forth peace, prosperity and abundance.


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