4 Gemstones To Support Your Spiritual Life…

4 Gemstones To Support Your Spiritual Life


I’ve often been asked: ‘How do you always look peaceful?’

Of course, it’s not every day I’m peaceful and calm.

I have bad days too, and counting to ten sometimes doesn’t work.

So what’s my secret?


I use stones to support the pillars in my soul, and all my spiritual activities.

Here we are my stones, make sure you grab one!

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Practice Meditation (Amethyst)

You only need five or ten minutes to sit and be completely still.

My first meditation I couldn’t be still, and my mind ran like a river.

Then I just resolved to listen to instrumental music or chant and then be in complete silence.

Chanting a mantra in your mind (it can be the most popular ones or make your own) while focusing on focusing on your third eye (between your eyebrows) also helps to focus.

With daily practice morning and night you’re going to conquer your mind and every day become more peaceful.

Practice Gratitude (Citrine)

My sister calls me Arigato girl, because is the only Japanese word I ever learned.

But she told me it’s fitting because I’m always grateful for the smallest things in life.

Make a habit to thank God every morning for another day.

Also, if someone holds the door for you or on the road someone lets you pass, say thank you.

I always thank God if a see a spectacular sunrise or sunbeam, a butterflies in the city or a gesture of love in others.

Be grateful also for not just for the good things, but for the challenging things too- because you ended stronger and learned something from it.

Help People (Rose Quartz)

Actually helping people is easier than we realize.

The other day I was sitting with one of my elder friends and she told me if she had problems finding an application she loves in her new smartphone.

I offered to check her smartphone and find the app, and then rearranged her main page and put all apps in an easily accessible order.

She was happy and I felt great to help.

Just look everywhere with helping eyes, because there’s always someone that needs help.

Just need to look around and you will find a reason to help.

This makes you more aware of the compassion within.

Read Books Worth Your Time (Turquoise)

If you feel your spiritual energy is drowning in the sea of sorrow, refuel yourself with inspirational readings.

Start a collection of books that lifts your spirit.

There are a lot of spiritual books out there for every desire your soul could have.

My favorites are the works of Paramahansa Yogananda, quotes of Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and a few others for business empowerment.

You just need to find the right books that inspire you, no matter what life brings.

Remember, we can be the inspirations of others with small awesome gestures.

Maybe we’re not saints like Gandhi or Yogananda, but we can be the saints of our family and friends.

Your reward is changing yourself into a more peaceful soul, happily serving the universe with love.


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