8 Mindful Stocking Stuffers For The Yogi In Your Life…

8 Mindful Stocking Stuffers For The Yogi In Your Life

Sometimes it’s not the expensive techie gifts that leave a lasting impression, but the small trinkets: the little things we carry with us in the car, pocket, or at work. Oftentimes these things make a huge difference in our mentality because, with just a glance, we are reminded of what’s important.

These small gifts will definitely impress someone that appreciates an eastern flair. Thoughtfulness is more impactful than any big gift — and without a doubt, your favorite yogi will be loving these!

Hamsa Protection Keychain $14

If you’re somewhat familiar with eastern art or symbols, you’ve probably seen what looks like a hand with an eye or similar design in the middle of the palm. Pretty interesting looking, right? What the heck is it though? This is symbol known as the Hamsa. The Hamsa is an extremely famous symbol used in many countries around the world for the past 1800 years. It’s mainly used in jewelry and wall hangings, though sometimes it’s displayed in art. The open right hand, an image recognized and used throughout history, is believed to provide defense against the evil wishes and energies of others.

Spirituality and Serenity Gemstone Mini Set $39.95

The ancient Rishis attached deep significance on the energy emanating from crystals, and would often have their followers wear them to mitigate certain negative energetic issues. In this gemstone set, amethyst will ease anxiety, and amazonite will help bring forth your deeper spiritual nature, all while rainbow fluorite encourages acceptance of things we can’t always control. All of this combines to about true serenity.

Creativity and Love Gemstone Mini Set $39.95

This bracelet set contains the most important stones for love and relationships. Picture Jasper emphasizes creative flow, while Rose Quartz and Rhodonite bring about deeper passions. These three bracelets will inject love into any heart that needs it and maybe even help expand the love of a relationship.

Chakra Pocket Stones – Set of 7 – $29.95

These seven stones are specifically chosen to help to harmonize and balance the chakras. They can be used for healing, body layouts, crystal grids, and cleansing.

Crown Chakra  Clear Quartz

Third-Eye Chakra – Amethyst

Throat Chakra – Blue Sodalite

Heart Chakra  Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus Chakra  Yellow Jasper

Sacral Chakra  Carnelian Banded Agate

Root Chakra – Red Jasper

Pocket Baby Ganesh $17.95

Known as the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. His likeness is all over the east, including temples and homes. Many cultures — even those that don’t practice traditional Hinduism — revere the symbolism of optimism associated with him. With this little trinket, you can carry him everywhere!

Hamsa Pin $9

Protect against negative energies wherever you are! Blessing, protection, and guidance in the form of brass and enamel.

Chrysocolla Pocket Stones $36.95

Om Slouch Beanie $29.95

A stylish beanie embroidered with Om, the sound of the universe. A constant reminder of the peace and joy that surround us constantly — if we but tune into it.


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