Stepping Into A New Normal…

Stepping Into A New Normal

Sitting in the fertile fields in the woods near my home I feel my mortality, my fragility, and my strength. I also feel resilient as I confront my fears and live my highest potential. This Divine sacred journey of trust has led me to a deep surrender to God. The spirituality I used to hide is now blossoming to my “new” normal.

Aren’t we all defining that now in this time of quarantine? My mind poses the following questions: Who can I resonate with? Where should I put my energies? What will feed my heart and soul? How can I find more inner peace and magic within? These questions guide my life as I continue to dive deeper within my galactic light being.

The following poem emerged:

Recognizing the fear of death in the density of time and space
Recalling the herbal remedies of generations
Healing the soul
Quieting the fears
Courageously stepping forth as a sovereign power that used to elude me
Surrendering all control, doubt
Digging my toes in the mud
Exposing my light to merge with the clouds
Allowing the sun and the cosmos to heal me, searing into my scars
Reconstructing my DNA into the whole galactic Goddess I longed to be
Welcoming my awareness of my alien spirit in an earthly body
Resonating with the ethos of the wolves
Standing alone embracing myself as I howl for my soul tribe
Unfettered by the murmurs of my mental chatter
Rising from the mud to a new Age

I feel that this quarantined time has given all of us a time to reset, to be deeply aware of our presence on this planet. Have you taken the time to decide what means the most to you? How you want to spend the rest of your days? How to maximize your time? How to best love your loved ones? Each moment is a gift and how we choose to be present is a choice we all must consciously make. The more we consciously decide, the more we can contribute to the spiritual awareness of ourselves, our connections, and humanity.

As we set our intentions, meditate deeply, and accept ourselves for who we are in our wholeness, we determine how we want to show up in our own lives. I find this unprecedented situation of the Corona Virus  to be a blessing from the Divine. It has created a jarring stop to all of the “behaviors” that were not serving us. It is up to us to continue to foster the change within our own lives by making the transformation to live in love of ourselves and to cherish our ways of thinking. We do not need to be swayed by the masses, but to be the masters of our emotions and to follow our own hearts at all costs.

Sitting in the fields, my inner core vibrating to a higher frequency for I let go of the need to be anyone but me. Meditating deeply in the sunshine, feeling the sun’s rays peeking through between the clouds. My soul shining through, sharing my own vulnerable heart through my words, work, and being.

We are all destined to do life changing work if we only listen to our hearts and souls. This time allows us to breathe the fresh air, eat our own home cooked meals, and spend time with loved ones. It has allowed us to cherish our sacred time, our breath, and our existence. If you are like me perhaps you are looking for a deeper meaning and a higher calling in service. Isn’t this part of the spiritual awakening process to allow our divinity to shine through our creative passions, art, mission, and the services we support.

I invite you into the space of a new paradigm where you can co-create a life you desire with the Divine. A space where you are aligned with your chakras, your spirituality, and your destiny. Releasing all the stories that keep you chained to the past and walking into the Oneness of the NOW moment!


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