Staying Peaceful When Everything Annoys You…

Staying Peaceful When Everything Annoys You

I keep lists for everything. Lists remind me of the things I must do each day. So let it come as no surprise that I keep lists of people I need to extend more grace to. This is my secret to staying peaceful.

The more grace needed list is for people and/or things that are annoyances; that make you forget that you are trying to turn over a new leaf. Those annoyances can include a coworker who waits for you to get out of your car in the morning, so the you of two can walk into the office together when all you want is a few minutes of quiet before your work day begins. Or those things like having to fill out a litany of forms every time you visit your doctor. Or the bureaucracy of the department of motor vehicles!

This list is not exclusive of internal factors. Sometimes you need to put yourself on the more grace needed list. Grace is the extension of courteous goodwill. Grace says I see you. Grace is the space you give yourself and others to be. Grace is not tolerance instead, grace is inclusion. Grace welcomes, comforting uncertainty.

The next time you feel driven to scream “Get out of my face”, instead decide to close your eyes and count to ten and quietly whisper more grace needed. To do so calls to your attention the need to extend to this person or thing just enough space to carry on without disturbing your peace. Calling for more grace is as much for you as it is for the annoyance. Grace is a reset. Try it; the extension of grace is even more beautiful than the feeling of the word crossing your lips. Grace, sees you, acknowledges your presences and invite you to be you.

Create this list with a pencil because it will be fluid. More grace needed items change often because when you handle what bothers you today with grace, it is not a problem tomorrow. However, with the fullness of life continues to require more grace needed moments.

Your list will never be permanently empty. Keep forgiving; keep extending grace and you will be able to maintain a measure of peace.

*Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash


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