Stay Healthy And Engaged With Your Body While Traveling…

Stay Healthy And Engaged With Your Body While Traveling

Famous Mary Anne Radmacher‘s quote says “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” And, yes, it’s true. It’s been scientifically proved that traveling has many great impacts on your body, mind and soul. However, not all of them are positive though. While it helps you build your personality and boosts your brain functioning, it negatively affects your body and health. When traveling you’re constantly on the go which drastically changes your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. So, read on following tips on how to stay healthy and engaged with your body while traveling.

Stay engaged with your body

Although you might think that you get enough exercising while sightseeing, swimming or hiking, you still might need a little bit of morning exercise to get the necessary energy boost. The easiest and the least demanding way to do it is to do a couple of push-ups or crunches after you wake up. Also, consider travel yoga. It’s a perfect activity which affects body, mind and spirit and which can help you deal with jet lag and circulation issues. What is more, many hostels offer travel yoga as a part of travel experience.

Walk and explore

Walking is an excellent way to stimulate your metabolism and get your mind relaxed. So, do the research on the things that are worth visiting in the nearby and hit the road. It doesn’t matter what kind of vacation you are on. Either you are visiting world’s famous metropolis or escaping from the work in rural areas, there is always something new to explore.

Have a good sleep

Whether you spent the day hiking or sunbathing, good sleep is essential for recharging your batteries and getting fully rested. And it is known that traveling itself can be really exhausting, especially if you have to travel by night which can definitely disturb your sleeping schedule. So, apart from choosing peaceful and comfortable hotel room for your vacation, it would also be useful to learn how to sleep in unexpected places, such as crowded buses or airport chairs.

Take care of your skin

When it comes to proper skin care while traveling, the most important thing is Sun protection. As much as you might like sunbathing, too much Sun can have serious consequences on your skin – sunburn, premature skin ageing, or even cancer. So, make sure you put the sunblock every time you go outside and you won’t come back home with a red nose. In order to nourish your skin and keep it fresh, try travel-friendly coconut oil. And, for extra skin care, opt for supplements, such as Luvolife Marine Collagen, for example.

Get proper diet

When traveling, you need to make sure you eat healthy and get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It’s crucial not to hurt your immune system and energy levels. So, keep in mind that you need to take fresh fruit and vegetables, or some kind of safe supplements. If your plan includes staying out all day, bring cool packs and fill them with healthy snacks such as energy bars, yogurt cups, nuts, hummus, etc.

Keep your body hydrated

Sightseeing, hiking and any other travel activities make your body lose hydration through sweating. Therefore, make sure you take a bottle of water with you and get enough of it regularly during the day. In order to have ice-cold water, chill it overnight. In case you’re not certain about the quality of local tapped water, you had better by bottled water or take tablets for the purification of water. Also, forget about soda and sweet coffee, since these drinks contain sugar and fat and can make you even more dehydrated.

At the end

No matter what, traveling is always an amazing experience that helps you discover new places, meet new people, and recover your body and soul. If you follow above-listed advice, you won’t even feel some of its downsides. Go on, pick the destination and enjoy!


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