Stay Focused On Your Road To Betterment…

Stay Focused On Your Road To Betterment

The year is passing by faster and faster. And we just celebrated New Year’s Day. Are you staying true to your resolutions? The time is now to embark on another adventure, find a new job, create a better body, or earn more money. There are so many possibilities. But do you have a list of New Year’s resolutions waiting in a queue?

Did you start off ambitious the first day, week, or month? And then, a few weeks in, did you begin to swerve off the track? If so, you’re not alone. You weren’t the only one who deviated from or abandoned their goal list for the year. Millions of people feel like January 1 is the perfect day to start over. They promise that they will never do X or Y again. Or, in other cases, they want to enrich their lives by taking classes or visiting places.

Starting anew in your life can be great. But, admittedly, this can be difficult. It might be hard to adapt to a new normal day. You might be accustomed to starting your morning with a cup of coffee. But, you might decide you want to switch to drinking acai green tea in the morning instead of coffee. You may forget a couple of times and drink coffee instead of tea. You may even fall in into the ocean of your nagging cravings. But, if you persist, you never fail completely. If you keep trying, eventually the days of being a coffee addict could be a distant memory.

The secret to achieving your goals can relate to three simple terms. The gateway to living a more successful life can be achieved by focusing on public commitment, accountability, and journalizing.

Adrenaline rushes through your veins when the whole world is counting on you. Motivation is an important factor for reaching your goals. It can be the launchpad to get yourself into the game. It is not enough to get into the action, you must keep moving. The same excited feeling that you had when you were inspired to make a change in your life should follow you until you reach the final goalpost.

While this motivation can come from within, making a public commitment to your goals can provide even more inspiration. Consider joining a group exercise program instead participating in one-on-one training. You may find more motivation spending time with like-minded individuals who are striving for the same results.

Accountability is like a more streamlined version of public commitment. Reach out to a mentor or an individual you respect and tell them about your goals. Let them hold you accountable. Ask them to check with you. You can create a step-by-step plan to help you accomplish your goals. Share your detailed plans with your mentors. They can keep you on your toes. Don’t allow yourself to have a lazy day. You are human, so if you do slip into a bad habit by mistake, get up and keep moving like nothing happened. Don’t dwell on things and you can improve your chances of winning.

Hard work is rewarding. But it can also be stressful. Writing in journals, or journalizing, is an effective tool for reflection and stress relief. Non twelve step recovery programs find journalizing useful for helping clients on the path of sobriety. When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, vent your frustrations with a pen and paper.

Remember freewriting time in English class? Take twenty minutes to write out your troubles and triumphs. It can clear your mind. It can help you create the clear mind and focus you need to be a winner.

With these steps, you can be a champion by December 31st. They can help you look back on the year with a sense of accomplishment.

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