How to Kickstart Your Soul Fire

How to Kickstart your Soul Fire

Living happily is simple; only do things that light your soul on fire. But how do you know if you’re burnin’ up? Here are three tips for stirring your passions or keeping the flame ablaze.

1. Travel– Even if you currently don’t have a strong desire to travel and no intentions of moving, take a trip. For the sake of being able to accurately say “I like where I am,” travel to someplace that is entirely opposite of your current city to compare!

Leave Boston for Bolivia and don’t worry about the language barrier – the earth is meant to be explored and things will work out. You’ll be surprised by how a simple cultural display can bring you to tears, or how many wonderful people are just waiting to meet you.

2. Just Doing It
 It’s far too easy to say “I’ll make that change tomorrow.” I get it, many people just aren’t comfortable with change. However, days pass without notice and soon you’ve got roots in a place where you don’t want to be.

Quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy (your health will improve) and ditch the boyfriend/girlfriend that you know you don’t need in your life (your other relationships will improve). Nike says “just do it,” but one-up them and just BE doing it.

3. Turn Off
The average person looks at their cell phone 150 times each day. When your phone is on, a piece of your brain is devoted to it, whether you’re actively expecting a message or not. Take back what is yours and devote yourself wholeheartedly to whatever you’re doing, without thinking about what would make an Instagram-perfect moment.

It’s amazing how much more you can enjoy everyday activities if you’re actually paying attention to what’s going on, and you might find that you’re spending more time doing things for you, and not for the character of you that you’ve created on social media.

Here’s the real secret to “only doing things that set your soul on fire” – turning everything into something you love to do. Be present and be excited, because you’ve been chosen for another chance at life each and every day.

Your vacation can be to Hawaii or the ice cream shop down the street. A big life change could be switching careers, or just switching your hairdresser because you never liked that other one and it’s been nine years of bad haircuts.

Turning off your phone off for 10 minutes each day is great – and so is selling your phone and deleting your Facebook account. You’ll notice that you shine brighter when you’re loving what you’re doing and who you’re with.

The universe will take care of the details.


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