Finding Your Roots: Stability And Peace Through Tree Pose…

Finding Your Roots: Stability And Peace Through Tree Pose

It’s not just about the Pose

Tree pose is one of the iconic poses that comes to mind when most people think of yoga.

It represents a serenity and stability that draws many people to the practice of yoga.

Learn how to connect inwards to your centerline in order to harness the stability and peace this pose has to offer.

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The Setup

Come to stand in Tadasana, Mountain Pose, with the big toes to touch and arms relaxed beside you. Ground through your left foot, turn your right toes out, and place your right foot to the ankle, calf, or thigh.

The foot can be anywhere along the inside of the leg as long as it is not on the knee joint.

For more stability, you can also kickstand your right foot by keeping the toes on the floor and heel pressing to the lower ankle.

Technique Tip:

Lift all ten toes of the standing foot to feel grounded into all four corners of your foundation. It may make balance harder, but will help develop shin strength and ankle stability.

Connect to the Centerline

To begin, place your hands at heart center. Press your palms firmly together and feel the energy come together at your midline.

Now, replicate this action with a foot into thigh action.

Pressing your foot into the thigh internally rotates the leg. By countering this pressure with the thigh pressing back, we resist sinking into the hip.

Technique Tip:

Don’t focus too much on pressing the knee outwards. Tree pose is more about hip stabilization than hip opening. Rather, continue to focus on your foot to thigh connection.

Once you’ve found the resistance inwards, feel free to take whatever mudra, or arm position, that you would like. The possibilities are endless once you have found a stable root from which your branches can grow.


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Anika De Vore

Anika is a professional ballet dancer as well as 200 hr certified yoga instructor. She finds yoga to be the balance needed in the stresses of a rigorous profession. She is awed by the powerful healing qualities of yoga for both mind and body and wishes to pass this experience on to others through her teaching.

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