Spring Is Here And It’s The Perfect Time To Get A Bit Dirty And Create Your Life…

Spring Is Here And It’s The Perfect Time To Get A Bit Dirty And Create Your Life

Over the years of reclaiming and rewilding, I have found the process of creating my life to be an ongoing project. Each year I claim more and more of my acreage for my own self. In the beginning, I was only ready to inhabit and create what I saw as my artistic career. With each season I grow bolder in spreading my planting boundaries.

Creating the life we want to be living can seem daunting and overwhelming. I can tell I am ready to reclaim a part of my life from the conditioning when I have hit my, “I’m fed up to here with you,” type conversations with myself about that area. Instead of continuing down that road where agitation can go from being an ignitor to being an excuse for shaming and loathing, I take that itchy grain of salt as the cue I am ready to expand into my more.

WARNING…Where ever in your life you are ready to reclaim and empower yourself, you have to be ready to get your hands dirty. Creationary work is pretty messy!


Here are a few places we can begin getting messy and stepping into creating the life we love living:

1. Get clear

Seems like this wouldn’t be messy but let’s face it, getting clear is as messy as it gets. All the pieces to examine. All the what ifs to wade through. All the shiny objects we let distract us. Getting clear on what you truly desire for your life will be one of the messiest processes you could ever engage in. Especially if you are willing to state out of the how. If you are willing to let go of needing to create your life around a bunch of material items, you will get into the messiest creationary energy there is. The beautiful dichotomy is that this is also where the clarity is. In the center of the storm is the stillness where you connect with your deep purpose or your big why. When you get clear here, you can plant real intentions that can be inner tending’s that unfold into external living.

2. Make Space

Now that you have an idea of where you are aiming, you need to get honest with yourself. Dreaming new and big dreams means you need to release and make space and free up resources (time, energy, money, and brain space, are all resources you might need).

We have to be willing to let go of what doesn’t fit into the new dream. This part is just as courageous as dreaming big. Because letting go means you won’t play in scarcity, you won’t just give lip service to your dream and take no action, and it means you are willing to make space for creating a life you love. Making space can be messy because sometimes what needs to be released has been left to overgrowth, not weeded out, or the back of our hearts for a really long time. It’s a bit rotted and a bit stale and it tends to feel like it multiplies or spreads as we begin to work with it. Be patient as you release. Be compassionate. Go slow. Honor it all. There is nothing wrong with who you have been. After all, it has led you right here.

3. Meet Your Fears

At every point of expansion, activation, or seeding, fears will arise. They will show up as illness, as fights with partners, as resistance, perfectionism, creative blocks…you name it and fear can inhabit it. Fear is a tricky bugger, and most of us have given that bugger free reign in our minds and bodies. But fear can also be an amazing teacher if you are willing to go into your uncomfortable places and get those hands a bit dirty as you sift through the muck to find your treasure. You see we keep our treasures inside the muck because it seems safe. And also…well like the lotus, most of our treasures and dreams need a bit of friction to activate their blossoming. So, stay in the courageous heart and make fear your friend.

4. Let Go of the How

Two of the biggest dream crushers are:

1. becoming addicted to the external thing you think you want your dream to look like

2. obsessing about how it’s going to happen.

To stay in the messy world of creation, you have to be open to every possibility. Some of my most magnificent dreams don’t look as I could have imagined, but they are exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t able to see how amazing it could actually be, but I was open to it arriving, and I continued to tend my seed and help it grow. That is moving with essence. I have also had dreams that I wrangled, worried to death, and beat into something I could manage. Even though they were small enough to manage, they felt heavy and life sucking. It takes trust to be willing to cultivate a dream and also release it from needing to look a certain way.

5. Stay Committed to You

“Be fierce but flexible,” is one of my favorite cards from the TruthBomb Deck. This statement perfectly encapsulated the willingness to get and stay messy while being completely committed. And this is where the magic of transformational living comes alive. When I am committed I can stay present. I am not following a formula, I am following my own energy. This commitment is my antidote to distractions and looking for the easy way out. In life it can look like if I pick back up the conditioning I have let go of, I trust myself to release it, again and again. It means I don’t fall asleep inside a life full of to-do lists and obligations that don’t satisfy me. It means I am willing to choose me at all costs.


It takes great courage to allow yourself to step into your worth and remember that this life is actually FOR YOU! And you get to design, develop, create, and live it. Too often we stay out of our power and in our victim state of letting life happen to us. We live in the disconnection and overwhelm letting what is not important become boulders holding us in place while life flows all around us. To be daring and bold enough to choose your BIG dream means you will no longer stay in the disempowered state, but take your rightful place in your life as the leader of it! And remember it is your big dream, nobody else’s! It doesn’t need to look a certain way, be about making a million dollars, or even leaving your backyard. Getting real about your dreams means admitting that what YOU want is worthwhile and YOU are worthy to live it! So get dirty and stay messy, after all, this is your life!


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Elisha Halpin

Elisha Halpin is a teacher, author, and speaker who weaves sacred magic and neuroscience together to help women make transformational…

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