Spring Clean Your Intentions, Change Your Life…

Spring Clean Your Intentions, Change Your Life

“Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows”

Merriam-Webster defines an “intention” as “the thing you plan to do or achieve; an aim or purpose.”

Modern thought says that intentions can be on a conscious, subconscious, and/or unconscious level, and that our goal to reach a life of fulfillment and abundance is to align intentions in all three areas.

But sometimes we treat intentions like New Year’s resolutions. We set the same ones year after year and either drop them after a short time or don’t set them with the proper mind and spirit causing them to yield little outcome.

Author James Redfield is widely quoted as saying, “Where attention goes energy flows; where intention goes energy flows.” But often in our lives we aren’t as aware as we could be of where our attention and intentions go.

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Ways to Set Intention

“Let it go”

The Chopra Center instructs us to “Slip into the Gap” (that space when your mind is not  involved in emotions, thoughts, and memories immediately after meditation) and plant the seeds of our intentions then.

And then “let it go. Simply stop thinking about it….and detach from the outcome.”

Vision Boards

Many of us have created vision or goal boards for the year ahead. The boards may include photos or info about trips we want to take and money we want to make.

We may have symbols representing relationships for which we yearn or a work environment that excites our hearts.

Support Groups

We may have even joined or formed a small-group support network to keep us on task, to cheerlead and encourage, and to offer advice.

As GroupWorks says, “Setting intentions (in groups) reminds us of our responsibilities, guiding us to actions that fulfill the reason for which the gathering was called.”

Unintentional Intention Challenges

Words and Deed Misalign

When was the last time you said you wanted to do something and then took no steps to make it happen? For example, plenty of people have said they’ve wanted to write a book and yet have never written a word of the story.

Others have said, “Hey, I had that idea” for a product or a business and yet never tried to bring it to market.

People give into fears that keep them from even inching forward.

John C. Maxwell said, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

For intentions to work, your words, your heart, and your deeds must align. Coulda, shoulda, woulda’s have no place.

Our Attention Doesn’t Follow Our Intention

Life is very busy. Most of us do many jobs and wear many labels: parent, partner, yogini, enthusiast, companion to animals, employee, owner, driver, exerciser, etc.

Our daily lives are filled with things vying for our attention during every waking hour, and because of this, our attention gets diverted and we may not consciously realize the shift is happening.

Our Inability to Let Go of Our Desired Outcome

Picture a kid in a toy or candy store. He eyes all of the goodies and sets his heart on one special thing. The kid may ask (or even demand) the item from a nearby adult.

The kid may reach for the item, try to grab it, and cling it to himself. Depending on the age and the maturity level, he may throw a fit if he is told no or if the request results in no answer at all.

Sometimes we are that kid. We ask God or the universe for what we want, and then we get graspy or greedy or send out frenetic energy trying to get the thing we want instead of letting the divine bring it to us in perfect timing.

We momentarily forget that graspy, greedy, frenetic energy repels. A desire from a pure space is calm and joyous and loving. It is those intentions that are honored.

“Cleaning” Your Intentions

Do this quick meditation: Ask yourself what you truly want and need. Soft focus your eyes on a far off space and focus on your breath.

Breathe deeply for a few rounds, and start to envision your life, not as it is, but as you were meant to live it, in health and fullness. What does your mind’s eye envision? What brings you joy? What does adventure look like to you? These are your intentions.

After your meditation, go to your vision board or your to you support group and physically or verbally delete the old stale things that don’t represent what you just saw.

Create a visual or verbal representation of any new intentions, and then let go.


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