Spirituality Is Not An Individual Journey It’s A Collective Evolution!…

Spirituality Is Not An Individual Journey It’s A Collective Evolution!

When we begin our journey it is very much about finding ourselves and connecting with our Soul though as we grow and transform, it shifts into a Collective Evolution! Within this article, I am going to speak about the collective mission we embark on when we begin our spiritual journey and why its essential for us all play our role.

At the beginning of our journey our role is in finding ourselves in and amongst the society in which we live. It can seem like a minefield at first as you are striving to break free from the societal and cultural conditioning that has shaped you into the person you are today. This is what I like to regard as Ego which is neither good or bad in my opinion, it just is… Ego says, this is who I am and this is the way I live my life and yet it is only one aspect of who you are. Ego serves to protect you when you are younger and yet when you grow older you come to realise that it only confines you. As you evolve on your spiritual journey you come to uncover what is hidden beneath the surface, your Soul waiting to be revealed!

Your spiritual journey is a process of learning how to break free from the conditions and patterns of the Ego that no longer serve you. As you begin to do this, you heal from Shadow aspects and reintegrate parts of yourself in order to become whole. Though the truth is that you are forever growing and evolving, once you have healed your core and deeper wounds, you can begin to live a Soul aligned life. This is in many ways where you have ascended on your journey and are living by true Soul essence. Your journey then shifts from an Individual quest of finding your Self and connecting with your Soul to a pathway of the Collective Evolution where you are raising the Collective Consciousness of mother earth.

Once you step onto the pathway of collective evolution, it is very much about connecting with your divine mission and purpose. I am a true believe that we go on our journey not only to find ourselves and connect with our Soul but also to give back in our own unique way. We all have unique gifts and talents that we discover and uncover as we go on our spiritual journey. This is where your role as a healer comes in as you are here to shift the collective consciousness of the planet. It is not able regarding yourself as someone special but more so realising that you are here to serve something much greater than yourself. This is the Collective Evolution that we are all a part of, the question is: Have you connected with your True Soul Purpose and Are you sharing your gifts with the world?

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One final thing that I wanted to mention was the energy of the collective consciousness. Its become very apparent to me that many of us are experiencing similar emotions and events in our lives. This is because we are connected with the collective consciousness of those on a similar path. It’s our role within this to heal our individual wounds as when we do this, we heal the conditioning and wounds of the collective. It is also our role to step into our divine mission and purpose so that we can support and heal others.

If you would like any personal support with connecting with your true Soul Purpose, I provide Soul Purpose Sessions with The Soul Pathway. You can find out more about these sessions on my website.

Any questions or comments? Please leave the in the comment section.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey and Soul Pathway.


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