Spirituality In The Blockchain - Part 1…

Spirituality In The Blockchain - Part 1

Spirituality in an Age of cryptocurrency, the metaverse, transhumanism, and the blockchain.

Part 1: Digital Spirituality: If and How Spirituality will have a role in the digital world.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but is recorded.

Every one of our actions is recorded into a cosmic ledger to keep the universe in balance since energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This is how universal justice is delivered, and why we say what goes around comes around. The ledger doesn’t care what the action is, it just records it.

We also all have a personal ledger of all our actions, like an electronic signature or a QR code. This personal ledger is colloquially known as your baggage, your karma, your experience, or even your life. What this ledger isn’t, is your spiritual nature, your future or your free will. It’s only the record of what has been and what could be but you still decide whether you take it or not.

It’s like looking for a movie on Netflix. The movies are already written, produced and made but it’s up to you what you watch. Your choice won’t change the movie, but it will change your experience. Whatever you watch will go into your history - a mini-ledger if you will - which will make suggestions based on what you watch or don’t watch. Does it limit your options going forward or increase them? That’s not for me to decide. But it does raise some other issues I want to address.

There is no way to entirely encapsulate the forthcoming subject I am writing about here today. Nevertheless it has become necessary that I must make obvious the trajectory of digital evolution and answer the questions if and how spirituality will have a role in the digital world.

The short answer to the first question is of course, “yes”. But from there many questions arise such as “how do spirituality and digitality blend together” and “where is God within an entirely digital world”? These questions have opened doors to new possibilities of thought as well as terms like transhumanism, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, Zodiac Hacks, and Cosmic Pixels.

The new reality that man will be faced with could be very difficult to accept, especially if you don’t have a basic understanding of the spiritual universe. In short, the new technology that will be integrated into our reality over the coming years parallels spiritual principles. So much that it has the potential to be extremely alienating for those who are scared of technology, or struggle with a spiritual lifestyle, which, to be clear, is essentially the ability to change towards an ever higher vibration.

It’s my hope that this series of articles, and my next book, will help bridge the two worlds that are too often split apart and made illiterate to those glued to only one side.

So, let’s talk a bit about the world we are living in at the time of this writing and explore where it could be headed. As with all forecasts and with any foresight, it’s either a possibility, a probability, or a matter of time. We all have free will that shapes the way the world unfolds, or renders, as you may have already learned (remember the Netflix example above). And before we move on, you need to know that “spirituality” isn’t about incense, meditation, and self-care. Spirituality is simply the process of knowing who you are, who you are not, and when each applies. I even predict that meditation will be replaced by the ability to connect to a higher source within the metaverse. But more on that later.

If you haven’t heard by now, something called “the blockchain” will be the new internet, a new and improved version of “the wild wild west” internet we’ve been living with. It will be here faster than you think. The blockchain and its technology, namely blockchain technology, will improve upon everything we know about the public internet experiment.

The new internet, namely the blockchain, will open up an entirely new and improved world and a potentially errorless way for business, relationships, and how we experience life. Many professions will be replaced by products and services - either parallel or exclusive - on the blockchain. Notaries, lawyers, et.al. will become digital and contracts will all be executed on blockchain technology. It’s only a matter of time before someone develops every product we have now, on the blockchain.

The thing is, that the blockchain is yet another expression of the spiritual nature of reality. The blockchain holds a record of every transaction, in the truest sense of the word (a trans-action of information and energy between things or beings) and we know that in the spiritual universe, all actions are recorded and stored as well.

So the idea of a blockchain that records every transaction isn’t really such a mind-blowing concept. Except that it’s more advanced than the internet you know as it can store and manage the data faster than the wild-worldwide web (www). Think of the internet as religion and the blockchain as spirituality.

I have a long history of working with technology, having worked at Apple during the launch of the iPhone and an impressive background in software development of recent and current projects, I have made other interesting observations on how I see this transition from religion, or the internet, into spirituality, or the blockchain may be received by metaversers and new agers alike.

I realized from a young age that I don’t see the world the way most people see it. Growing up in Los Angeles, thankfully, gave me the space to explore my spiritual perspectives, but even the new age mecca has its limitations for anyone truly committed to spiritual accuracy. It’s often with a cringe that I refer to myself as “spiritual” because we all are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. It’s also quite arrogant to claim I am awake or enlightened because as soon as you refer to yourself as either, you’ve lost it. So, when asked, I prefer to refer to myself as sensitive to transactions of energy and data.

My sensitivities have led me down many roads and opened me up to many skills that I have found not only to be useful but necessary tools along the way. The spiritual path is arduous and self-renewing with every step, so one needs all the help one can get, including spiritual groups, circles, or what’s also known as sanghas.

One stereotype I often encounter in spiritual circles is the “anti-technology” persona. Given my background with technology from an early age and my inborn sensitivities, I would find myself helping people organize their tech life in one part of my day only to switch to “spiritual” work in the other part of my day.

For example, I would get paid exorbitant amounts of money to set up smart systems and train people how to use them, and then hours later you’d find me guiding another group of people in a tarot class. Did I see a difference between the two? No, not at all. In fact, I would be able to resolve any tech bugs by asking where the same issue was manifesting in the person’s life. I was highly sought out by big names in Southern California, LA specifically, to help them set up systems. I didn’t advertise my services, it was just all word of mouth. I would go into these huge mansions and set it all up before smart homes became an out-of-the-box thing.

I noticed that, like in a hair salon, people just start opening up when you’re working on their technological peripherals. It’s amazing to see how chit-chat can quickly turn into a full blown confession. Maybe it’s the unknown, or the sense of helplessness, but many people are as vulnerable with their devices and smart homes as they are in a therapy session.

Moving on, I want to share the answers to many questions that have been arising in the past months. In short, the digital and analog worlds are merging. We’ve seen it happening over the course of many years with many industries i.e. conveniently streaming data, whether it’s words, music, or movies, right to your sensory inputs via screens, speakers, and haptic feedback.

We all know what streaming is and if you’re reading this article chances are you are doing it one way or the other. So, any time you press play, whether it’s a game or a movie, music, etc., a transaction is recorded to indicate to the company that owns the asset you’re playing that their data has been used. A payout will then be issued via the provider i.e. the streaming platform you chose, to the content provider, the owner of the asset, so they can issue royalties for example. The “play” is also recorded to indicate the statistics of sales and thereby popularity. Combine this data with supply and demand 101 and future agents know exactly what kind of money-making talent to hire for the next season; whether it’s “good” or not is irrelevant in the money-making-mainstream. Unless you’ve been grandfathered in, it’s truly the luck of timing and crowd reception or simply manipulation.

Any service, platform, user or streaming provider using blockchain technology is subjected to the permanent ledger of transactions. It’s only a matter of time before all digital assets are hosted on the blockchain because the technology is far superior to the 1.0 internet we are using at the time of this writing.

Now, the age-old argument I hear from many new-agers, or anyone entitled to “privacy”, is that they don’t want their transactions recorded online for others to see. They have strong arguments about not being tracked or manipulated based on their digital footprint.

Well, my response, even before 2020, was, “God can see everything you do anyway, and this is exactly how karma works: everything is recorded in a cosmic ledger”. If only I could have screenshot their faces after I said it.

It is without any wonder or doubt that technology will manifest spiritual principles and cosmic structures, including the notion of fate, or karma as it’s known in the East. In other words, technology is always inspired by nature, including supernature. Technology and science are merely the investigation of the divine nature of our world. Skeptics only need to ask, “what else would scientists be studying if not the nature of the world”?

In spirituality, a basic goal is that we want to become transparent because as soon as we try to hide, we become dark and dense. It is in this dark density that we become heavy and attached to the illusionary world, making us vulnerable to sadness, depression, and suffering. The more transparent we are the freer we are. This is the attitude that I have and teach others to adopt, which made 2020 a lot easier for them, seeking freedom during lockdown.

Those who refused technological integration suffered.

Not because they were missing out but because they are attached to a self-image and thereby a certain way of doing things. But then the events of 2020 came along and put a lot of people at home for most hours of the day and forced the older generations who were already tech-resistant to get online in order to have any kind of human experience. The irony was that in order to be connected, you needed to get online.

Hence I draw your attention to something called the metaverse which gained a lot of popularity throughout the lockdowns. In short, the metaverse is an endless hub of virtual experiences, which I will get into later in future articles and my next book.

My contribution throughout 2020 was the launching of two projects I had been working on, namely Cosmic Pixels and Zodiac Hacks. Both of these projects update age-old wisdom into modern relevance. The first two chapters of my book, Zodiac Hacks, even explain how astrology is akin to software that we need to hack. And while hoards of mini-influencers use astrology to cast horoscopes, teach how to read the chart and talk about self-discovery, most of it falls short of explaining how reality truly works, which is what makes astrology at all useful in the first place. What they totally ignore or rather probably don’t even know is the fact how important it is that we understand that the digital world comes from the spiritual blueprint of our universe and that they are interdependent.

For years I have written self-development articles embedded with technological parables to ancient wisdom found within religious texts. I spent many years traveling the world, researching traditions and finding gems of wisdom, and 2020 gave me the space to begin developing a platform to share it with the world. I am not talking about an audience or a following, but an actual platform where people can experience the Cosmic Pixels and Zodiac Hacks first hand.

One of my main observations is that the spiritual world and the technological world are without separation. Spirituality has its place within the digital world, or what will come to be known as the metaverse. More than what Simulation Theory attempted to be, both of my projects Cosmic Pixels and Zodiac Hacks bridge the two worlds of spirituality and technology.

Whether you’re part of the App Generation that has no idea what spirituality is, or a New Ager that has no idea how deep the technology rabbit hole goes, or somewhere in between, spirituality is infused within it all, and it’s vital that we move into this next stage of human experience with a spiritual understanding of technology, our world, and the ongoing evolution it rolls out.

Everything will be onboarded into digital versions of analog tools we are using such as digital wallets, digital IDs, digital bank accounts, digital menus, digital contracts, digital car titles, digital insurance, and any other type of transaction you can and cannot think of - all on the blockchain (the “new” internet).

The spiritual will not and cannot be excluded. In fact, you could say that the metaverse is a closer expression of the spiritual reality. In my new book and the upcoming parts of this article series, which I will publish on Zodiac Hacks and Cosmic Pixels respectively, I will delineate how spirituality operates through the digital worlds of virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence.

As this is the age of Aquarius, I begin with part II of this article on Zodiac Hacks where I explain the timing of this global transition and what you need to do to prepare for this leap forward. In Zodiac Hacks, we learn that we are all born with a constellation of programming which we need to become aware of in order to use it to our advantage.

With Cosmic Pixels, we are introduced to the idea that we are already living in a projected version of reality based on the alphabet of the universe. Questions like, “can healing occur in a virtual reality” and “how do chakras work in the metaverse”? can all be answered within Zodiac Hacks and Cosmic Pixels.

I have unfortunately witnessed public figures and companies use the content I have sent them without accreditation, which is why I have decided to compose this manifesto to clear up misdelivery or (mis)representation of these concepts. It is my responsibility, to those who are open-minded to the emergence of spirituality on the blockchain, to not allow misrepresentation, so that they can be free within and without.

For over 15 years, while my work has been deemed controversial at best by both the new age and the medical communities as well as by traditional astrologers who mainly use the constellations to predict and thereby blatantly ignore men’s greatest gift, challenge, and birthright, namely free will. I have been a trusted source of spiritual wisdom with a grounded understanding and appreciation for what technology can do. People from around the world retain my services for distinctive advice and consultation regarding matters that the business world so often wishes to know about. I am here to tell the spiritual aspirants and those already plugged in that the blockchain is the future and if you don’t get on board, you’ll be left behind and if you move ahead without a spiritual context, you’ll get lost. It’s important to have a spiritual compass as we move into this next phase of the human experience.


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