Spirituality & Imagination

The world we live in very tangible. We see it with our eyes. We feel it with our hands. Yet the God we believe in is invisible. So how are we able to relate to our creator? How to we get passionate about God?

Mentally, we can do this by personification–using our imagination to give God form. My imaginary God is named Spirit which is short for the Biblical Holy Spirit. In my world the Holy Spirit is a person. She is a woman.

Spirit changes according to my needs. Sometimes she is my  Gatekeeper because she opens the way to God. Sometimes she is a  Comforter because she  the caretaker of my  emotions.  When I met  Spirit it felt like falling into the arms of a lover. The emotions she stirred up in me made her presence known in a profound way.

Sometimes Spirit is my Counselor because she helps me think proper thoughts. She helps me identify my shortcomings. She encourages me  to set my past aside and grow into a  healthy, spiritual person.

Often I compare Spirit to the wind because she is invisible. But the wind is not inert. It can pick up a feather and blow it anywhere.

Once I  compared Spirit to a flame because  she acts like a crucible, melting away my sins and transforming me into a new creature.

This is just a superficial list to give you some ideas of the power of metaphor. I encourage you to find your own manifestation of God  and draw closer to  him/her. Try this yourself and see if you don’t get closer to an amazing God who wants to get personal and intimate with you in a way that defies description.


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Susan Peabody

Susan Peabody is a writer and counselor who likes to help people. She is also a spiritual advisor and life…

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