The Science and Spirituality of Flower Essences – VI – Loneliness…

The Science and Spirituality of Flower Essences – VI – Loneliness

Acknowledging Loneliness with Flower Essences

At one time or another, all of us experience loneliness.

Even when we may be involved in numerous loving relationships and things are going well, we can sometimes experience feelings of isolation.

One way to overcome feelings of lonesomeness is to meditate and become more connected and intimate with the soul.

Flower essences can also provide support for those who seek “loneliness” but who don’t want to feel lonely per-se.

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Heather-people are perpetually on a journey of seeking companionship or finding “the one”.

Those who would benefit from Heather are also obsessed with themselves and feel compelled to discuss their rather private affairs with others.

They may be the friend who talks over everyone else and feels that whatever they have to discuss is more important than what anyone else might have to contribute.

They may corner someone in line or on an airplane and talk their ear off, ignoring the obvious signs of discomfort.

They often manifest loneliness through their self-centered behavior.

Heather also helps folks who equate being alone, for any length of time, with unhappiness.

Deeper Relationships

Other types of people, those who might benefit from Water Violet, may truly enjoy having time alone and yet still find themselves feeling lonely and/or disconnected.

These folks are often super independent, talented, and clever but have a coolness that keeps others at a distance.

They are often quiet and can be seen as aloof or they can appear disdainful.

Deeper relationships with other people can be had by introducing Water Violet, as it will help them to have more balance in their lives and thus, better relationships with others.

Some have little-to-no patience with people in general, and in particular, are undone by those who move more slowly than they do.

In general, these folks like to work alone so they can get things done quickly without having to “waste time” waiting for others.


Impatiens invites us to practice gratitude and concern for others by decreasing stress and increasing tolerance.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the company of others or appreciate time by yourself, it’s important to distinguish ourselves by and through our own actions.

Focusing outward on obtaining the “perfect relationship” or by avoiding others who annoy you because of our own issues, gives your personal power away.

Instead we would benefit from riding the lovely ebb and flow that connection with others provides.

Flower essences can help us obtain balance, relish the relationships that we do have, and learn to have compassion and understanding for our fellow humans.


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