A Spiritualist Knows How To Flow…

A Spiritualist Knows How To Flow

The path that leads to God is filled with the greatest hurdles, is so narrow and yet God’s man reaches there, albeit only by losing all. Losing all desires, definitions, illusions, thoughts, the one who accepts his ignorance at every step and surrenders in true spirit is the one who makes it there some day. If you have to attain the Supreme One, it is understandable that you have to adorn Supreme qualities, far above human tendencies and perception. Anything you do or say or think , on the path to the Almighty is of no use for the one who has no form, no qualities, no beginning or end will not let you reach him with these attributes. So the one who has to walk the greater path has to cut all paths, body, methods and reach there only in Spirit; that one is a true spiritualist.

Nature has no boundary and so is the spiritualist who gets confined nowhere and only flows, from ponds to rivers to oceans till he merges into the Mahasagar (the Supreme Ocean). What use are words like “big” or “small” with respect to waves when you finally have to merge into that ocean of limitless love and compassion? The one who gets stuck to paths, methods, modalities, siddhis, is stuck with an ego that builds a thin barrier between knowledge and Supreme Knowledge. Before that Param Tattva (Supreme Element), all accumulated knowledge turns into ignorance for all that is will never let the individual or seeker merge into the One that is not. And He who is not is the Lord, the Supreme Force, we call Siva or Shakti or by many other names.

The Vedic lines”neti neti” meaning “not this not this” are apt to describe the journey of a spiritualist who does not stop nowhere and goes beyond everything to find the truth that is as blank but vast as the skies above or as infinite as the energy that fills the Universe. Then where does this child of God travel? For there is no physical abode where God resides, no destination; no words describe Him for the beginning of the Universe was with the word. So if one has to reach the lord, That is beyond the beginning, the only way one can reach is through the heart and the soul, through love and tears, through fire and water and air and the boundless expanse of Nature that only knows how to give and flow and stop nowhere for God resides within, Now Here.


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