Spiritual Reasons To Find And Design Your Own Jewelry…

Spiritual Reasons To Find And Design Your Own Jewelry

Gems and crystals are more than just pretty rocks. They have metaphysical properties that promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Each type of stone has unique vibrations and abilities that can aid you in life. You can definitely purchase these crystals as jewelry at a store, but you could also make it a more personal experience and craft jewelry with crystals you found yourself? To get the most spiritual energy out of your jewelry, visit stores as well as the outdoors.

The Spirituality of Gems and Jewelry

Throughout time, people have adorned themselves with precious stones to symbolize status or to access the power within. Even today, people who wear jewelry can feel the positive effects of crystals. This is due to how stones capture, harness, and distribute energy. Depending on the gems you’re wearing, you can experience physical healing, mental clarity, confidence, peace, protection, and more. However, you can’t just pick any crystal and expect it to work. Gems choose us as much as we choose them. You need to go over stones carefully, so choose wisely before making a selection in store or out.

You’ll know intuitively which one belongs to you and will be the most effective. Remember this when going out to find your own. Although you won’t have the same kind of selection you find in jewelry stores, it’s still important the crystal you uncover connects with you.

How to Find Your Own Stones

Some gemstones can only be found in certain locales, like the Montana Yogo sapphires. For the most part, though, crystals are present no matter where you live. One of the first steps you should take is to research the crystals that can be found in your area. No point looking for amethysts when none can be found nearby. It also helps to have a specific gem in mind so you can look up where they naturally occur and are most often found. It’s a good idea too to see what these gems look like in their rough form.

They won’t appear like the ones you see in commercials and stores. Sometimes, they can even look like an ordinary rock. Before doing anything though, contact your local department of parks and recreation to see if you need any permits to find gems as well as if certain areas are off limits. When everything’s in order, make sure you pack prospecting tools like a rock hammer and shovel. One tool you shouldn’t go without is a metal detector. Although metal detectors can’t detect the crystal themselves, they can notify you when you’re close to minerals that indicate a gemstone is nearby.

You could also go the old fashioned way and metal detect for lost jewelry and remove the stones from the ones you find. Just make sure to cleanse your crystals of any negative energy before you wear them.

How to Make Crystal Jewelry

Now that you’ve found gems of your own, it’s time to make them into jewelry. You don’t have to be a jeweler or a master metalsmith to be able to this either. There are plenty of ways beginners and experts alike can make their own exquisite jewelry without a studio or expensive tools. Here are a few ways you can turn gemstones into jewelry:

  • Wire-wrapped Necklace: For this necklace, all you need is some glue, wire, wire cutters, a jump ring, and a necklace chain. By gluing a bit of wire on your crystal, you can begin wrapping the wire around it until you have the design you like. Then, tuck the end of the wire in the area where you first glued it. By attaching another piece of wire to the sides of your wire wrap, you can form a loop to place the jump ring and hook your necklace chain through.
  • Faux Leather-Bound Necklace: This is one of the easiest necklaces to make. Simply cut a strip of faux leather and glue it on your gem in a way that it forms a loop. After it dries, put a necklace chain through the loop and you’re done.
  • Hooked Necklace: This necklace is also easy to make. First, you have to bend jewelry bails into hooks and glue them on your stone. When it dries, you can attach your jump rings and necklace chain through the hooks, creating an instant necklace.

Gemstones and crystals have myriad spiritual properties that are just waiting to be untapped. However, to forge a special connection between your crystals, find them yourself and make your own jewelry from them. This way your jewelry will have more meaning sentimentally and spiritually every time you wear it.


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