6 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Cats…

6 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Cats

Spiritual Kitties

Cats may be one of the most popular animals on the planet, and for good reason: we can learn plenty from them.

They’re our friends and close family companions, making our lives a little brighter.

Surprisingly, they can teach us a lot about spiritual growth, and how to lead a more satisfying life.

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1. Be Present

Cats are very present to their surroundings.

Unlike humans, their minds aren’t focused on the past or the future, and therefore they’re unburdened by worries, fears, and anxiety.

That’s a powerful way to live!

Every major spiritual teaching in the world in one way or another teaches that basic tenet of being the moment- because that’s what brings peace and deeper connection.

2. Go with the flow

Because they’re so in the moment, cats are known for simply “hanging out”.

That ability to be present serves them well, especially in hard times.

If they get sick, they may rest more than usual, but they don’t hiss at god; instead, they take it as it is and do the best they can.

We could all learn from that!

3. Give love and attention without expectation

Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually quite loving and affectionate.

They love to cuddle.

And if they really like you, they give back.

I can remember vividly as a small child when our cat delivered several squirrels and birds to our front door.

At first we were slightly disturbed, but then we realized it was an offering of respect and love.

Obviously, I don’t want you to go around giving people dead animals, but you get what I’m saying here, right?

Giving unexpected gifts of love and respect can uplift you and everyone around you.

Giving is indeed spiritual!

4. Be simple

Cats have no unneeded distractions.

They live in a state of simplicity, taking each moment as it is.

As long as they have their nap time, food, and family, they are content.

How many times have we been desperately seeking to add something to our lives, that in reality we know wont make us happier?


5. Be curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

Being curious is an important part of living.

Investigate your world. Explore.

Just like a cat, you’re free to discover and learn about your surroundings and world.

In turn, your life will become more enriched and you’ll be happier for it.

6. Be independent

While cats do somewhat depend on their owners, they also have a streak of independence in them.

There are many stories out there of cats going missing for months, only to return in healthy shape.

They went off to do their own thing.

Similarly, you have to know when it’s time to do your own thing, and learn about yourself.

Sometimes that involves uprooting yourself, or just getting away.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your own path- even if you’re scared.


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