Spiritual Hacks For Overcoming Face Mask Anxiety…

Spiritual Hacks For Overcoming Face Mask Anxiety

With the super-full moon in full force, it’s time to re-evaluate your energy. Wednesday night, my friends and I stood in a field – socially distant – and stared at the super-full moon for hours, soaking in all of its energies.

During this time, two questions came to mind: what internal steps can I take to progress as an individual, and what external steps can I take to progress my community?

While I won’t share my personal reflections, the consensus I reached regarding the ways I can help my community may serve well to you. It’s no secret that the world is very weird right now. The Coronavirus is throwing our energy off, not to mention approaching retrogrades.

When I get the chance to slip away from home, I notice a commonality in the places I frequent: a lack of face-mask wearers. I’m not sure if this is due to a shortage of supply, or unruliness, but it has distracted from how crucial wearing a mask is. It almost seems as if you only need to wear a mask if you want.

Personally, I struggle with face masks. I make a point to wear mine when congregating (grocery shopping, refueling), but it does make me a bit stressed. Why? I find it hard to breathe through a ventilator. Actually, the lack of airflow when wearing a face mask has made me dizzy and stressed enough to do yoga upon returning home to calm my nerves. Another stressor in wearing a face mask is realizing many around you are wearing one as well – making reality hit a lot harder. We’re in a health crisis, and to keep our energy in check during so, we must do our part in fighting through it. Doing our part means playing the part.

I have a guide here explaining everything you need to know about face masks, and how they flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. I enjoy arts and crafts, so if you do too, there’s even information about how you can make and clean your own if you don’t have the means to purchase one.

Being a mindful neighbor during a pandemic is important. This is a time we should be doing everything we can to heal ourselves, heal others, and stay afloat. If wearing a face mask heightens your stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. I suggest dabbing softly scented essential oils on the inside of your mask’s padding, and stretching before going into an environment needing a mask. Think of your pre-mask stretch as “getting ready” for the exercise of congregation.

Furthermore, I enjoy listening to music in places I’m wearing my face mask. It’s not like you can do a lot of talking through them either, so you may as well listen to soothing tunes as you stroll through the essential businesses you visit on occasion. If not music, get a free trial of YouTube Premium and listen to general tarot/oracle readings as you shop. I suggest listening to your rising sign’s reading. These tend to be more applicable to your current situations than your moon and sun signs. These can ease your stress, and give you a personal guide to listen to as you’re out in public while wearing a mask. Finally, I suggest taking a long walk or drive after stepping out in public in a place you’ve worn a mask. I mentioned how the lack of airflow increases my anxiety, making me feel claustrophobic. Getting an equal amount of fresh air as the time you spent wearing your mask can do you wonders, making you feel free again.

Overall, remember to do your part. If you’re not wearing a mask for yourself, wear it out of protection for your neighbors. Stay safe, and stay home (as much as possible). Enjoy the last supermoon of 2020!

Tips for creating your own mask


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