“Worldly” Spirituality: Nourishing Your Spirit With 8 Events Around The World…

“Worldly” Spirituality: Nourishing Your Spirit With 8 Events Around The World

Chiang Mai, Thailand - November 6, 2014: Loy Kratong Festival, Buddhist monk fire candles to the Buddha and floating lamp on November 6, 2014 in Phan Tao Temple, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Spiritual Festivals

Have you always wanted to travel the world, see beautiful places, and experience the best of what that area can offer without returning home drained and exhausted?

Are you tired of traveling to the same tourist hot-spots and never venturing off the beaten path?

Here are eight unique gatherings around the world, from the Pacific Northwest to Costa Rica and Norway. Each one features a stunning location and emphasizes culture and experience, alongside a focus on inspiration and community.

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Set in Spain between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean coast, this highly rated yoga retreat provides an amazing opportunity to explore Spain and unplug at the same time.

You will find yoga, meditation, horseback riding, and an on-site culinary program, surrounded by spectacular views and cultural excursions. This peaceful oasis is the best of both vacation worlds.

World Domination Summit

Every summer, thousands gather in Portland, Oregon for a shared weekend experience around the principles of Community, Adventure, and Service.

Based in the amazing city of Portland with a focus on creation, inspiration, and working together to realize “a remarkable life in a conventional world,” this is a worthwhile stop in your travels!

The Yoga Farm

Yoga? Hammocks? Surfing? The beach? All boxes are checked at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this fully sustainable retreat brings visitors from around the world to experience the rainforest, the beach, and daily yoga. The farm is powered entirely by solar power, and an on-site farm provides meals. Geared for the more adventurous traveler, this rustic vacation will bring you closer to nature.

Traena Music Festival

Accessible only by boat, this music festival takes place on a small island off the coast of Norway. Nestled into the stone of the island, the natural amphitheater boasts amazing acoustics, and attendees camp nearby.

This is still a small event, so go to enjoy a more intimate community environment.

Dalhalla Opera Festival


Set in the Swedish countryside, the Dalhalla Opera Festival takes place in a repurposed quarry. Creating exceptional sound in a gorgeous setting, there is no more beautiful place to watch and listen to opera. You can even swim in the lake!

Northwest of Stockholm, this is an unusual addition to a Scandinavian trip. Plan to be there in the summer when the weather is best for an outdoor experience.

Loy Krathong

We’ve all seen the amazing pictures. Mark your calendar now to be there in person!

This annual festival takes place throughout southwest Asia but is best known in Chiang Mai. Celebrated in November, it symbolizes the end of the rainy season. Each year, rivers are covered in floating, candlelit baskets, meant to symbolize a release of guilt, hate, and regret.

The Yi Peng festival, celebrated simultaneously, releases paper lanterns into the sky to ward off bad luck. Flights are planned around this aerial event, so plan your trip accordingly.

Electric Daisy Carnival

An annual electronic dance music (EDM) festival held in Las Vegas, this festival features tons of music, incredible sets, art, rides, street performers, and multiple venues scattered over acres.

With more than just music, over 400,000 people attended in 2015, and the festival is now the largest electronic music festival in the United States! With Las Vegas so close, this festival can be as luxurious and relaxed or as engrossing and adventurous as you choose.

Sasquatch Festival

East of Seattle, overlooking the Columbia River, Sasquatch Music Festival is frequently cited as the prettiest setting. The Gorge Amphitheater is a nine-time winner of Pollstar’s Best Outdoor Music Venue award.

Focusing on indie rock bands and singer-songwriters, there are five stages in the festival, and each year’s lineup has dozens of acts. The Gorge is a somewhat remote location, and most attendees camp nearby, creating a unique community experience. Sasquatch has featured Sleater-Kinney, Modest Mouse, the Decembrists, Outkast, and The National, among many, many others.

Do take time out of your busy life to take advantage of these beautiful events. We all need ways that we can eliminate stress from our lives, so taking part in one of these beautiful, spiritually centered festivals is something to look into. As you plan your next vacation, ditch that list of tourist destinations.

Make your trip one that will inspire you with beauty and community.


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