5 Traits Of The Spiritual Bohemian…

5 Traits Of The Spiritual Bohemian


The free-flowing artwork woven in every Bohemian clothing piece, draping over the body like a physical expression of Mother Nature, is a definite style that has never been out of style. The originality in each piece is timeless and the possibilities are endless. Rather than simply a “clothing style”, dressing Bohemian expresses an alternative lifestyle, one that isn’t made for modern trends or industrial living. If you find yourself drawn to the Bohemian style, you may find these facts surprising, yet very relatable.

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Bohemian style is free-flowing; a representation of a carefree soul. From long-flowing skirts to light shawls and tunics, the Bohemian style expresses the carefree soul. Bohemian styles also opt for natural fibers in their clothing as well as floral and bright colored patterns to express a wild and free spirit.

2) You recognize the history of Bohemian clothing

The loose & baggy style comes from original clothing pieces worn by the Romani nomads and free-thinking hippies of the 1960s & 1970s. Many of these people could not afford highly-fashionable, expensive clothing and wore unfashionable and older clothing pieces in layers. The Romani nomads (also known as “gypsies”) designed the original maxi skirt – “gypsy skirt” – as well as loose peasant blouses!

3) You love to use mismatched items in your everyday style

Genuine boho style always uses what is available – scarves, hats, belts – and “mismatch matches” it to complete the outfit. Colors and patterns that do not really go together actually fit well together in an outfit. The total look appears to be fashionable, despite the fact that each piece would not usually work well.

4) You strive to always be “one” with nature

If the idea of walking barefoot outside and popping into a handstand sounds like a perfect playful afternoon – you may genuinely understand the Bohemian style. Each top & bottom piece allows for freedom of movement and childlike innocence. Typical Western business clothes implies a serious profile, while the loose pants and skirts of a Bohemian implies a love for nature and youthfulness.

Accessories cannot be overlooked either! Many favorite Bohemian accessories include clunky bracelets, wooden bangles, and beaded necklaces are made with a Native American or South Asian background. Wear each piece with pride and explore your surroundings!

5) You understand “the attitude” of a real Bohemian

The original “attitude” of a Bohemian is seen first explored in the late 18th and early 19th century in France. This description was of a person who desired to follow an alternative lifestyle than the mainstream. Usually poor, this type of artist strived to be an individual outside the traditional rules of society and desired to explore the world of music, literature, and visual arts. Embrace your attitude of free-thinking and avoiding the “typical” view of how life should be lived!

One of the most important aspects of truly dressing as a Bohemian is the idea of self-expression and enjoying who you are as a unique human being. When you find yourself putting clothing pieces together that speak to you, no matter if they fit in with the trends or styles of the era, you are putting together the pieces of a puzzle that are to be celebrated.

Use this affirmation when dressing each day and remember to stay true to your individual style.

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