Four Easy Steps To Clear The Energy In Your Space…

Four Easy Steps To Clear The Energy In Your Space

We are all energetic beings. And we are constantly interacting on an energetic level with the people, animals, and things around us.

Just as someone else’s good or bad mood can affect you, emotions can affect your living space. The energy you and others emit in your space can become stagnant or blocked, basically pooling in the corners of your rooms. Over time, that stuck energy can become pretty heavy, and it can bring you down.

The good news is that when energy gets stuck, you can get it moving again. The better news is that clearing or cleansing the energy in your space doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, there are four simple steps you can take to clear the energy in any room in your space, and they can be fun.

The best news is, it only takes fifteen to twenty minutes per room!

Here are four easy steps to clear the energy in your space:

1. Tidy up a bit! Yes, it’s not the most fun part of the process, but really—it’s not hard to throw out all the trash and at least stack stuff neatly. Throw in a bit of dusting and maybe vacuum or sweep and you’re golden.

2. Make some noise. Play music that you find energetic or happy, and play it loud. Go around your space clapping your hands into every corner you come to—it persuades stuck qi (chi) energy to move again. Ring a bell, some windchimes, or use a singing bowl if you have one.

3. Add light and air. Open your blinds or curtains. Turn on all the lights in the space. Turn on the ceiling fans. Open the windows and doors if you can to let fresh air sweep through.

4. Add some smoke and/or fire. Light a candle. Or some incense. Burn some sage or palo santo. Or diffuse a favorite essential oil with the intention of cleansing the energy in your space.

If you want to add a fifth step, which includes dancing around your space as you go, that will just supercharge things for you. So get your moves on!


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