What Your Zodiac Says About Your Life Passion…

What Your Zodiac Says About Your Life Passion

How well do we truly know ourselves? If we dive into and learn more about our zodiac sign, we can see just where we should be in our lives.

If we feel that we are born leaders, perhaps starting a business is what we should do. If we love to take care of others, but are not sure where to begin, a daycare or non-profit charity may be in our future. There are millions of options for of us in the world and the key is to push ourselves to become even greater. Let’s take a look at what our zodiac signs are telling us to do.

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Aries: (March 21-April 19)

Many Aries find it incredibly difficult to work for someone else because they are used to being the boss. Aries do not like to be micromanaged in any way and the idea just makes them cringe. The key for an Aries is to finish everything they start. Perhaps starting a business of your own would be a great way to live your passion to the fullest, Aries.

Taurus: (April 20- May 20)

In the workplace, Taurus is very practical. Taurus can either be a leader or a follower which makes them very easy to work with. When they are leading, it is usually by example and they generally set a good one! They have a team player mentality so they work well in industries that have multiple employees such as in the food service industry or hospitality. They are known for being quite stubborn, so if you are a Taurus, you must learn how to choose your battles and let the others slide.

Gemini: (May 21- June 20)

Geminis love to work very fast-paced jobs. Geminis need an environment that gives them constant stimulation. They love to multi-task and love to move fast at getting things done. That being said, Geminis can get bored very easily. When choosing a career, Gemini, do not choose one that involves doing the same thing every day. You will get bored and you will not like it.

Cancer: (June 21- July 22)

Cancers love to take care of people and have a very kind and nurturing nature. They love to give advice and make sure their friends are safe. If you are a Cancer, finding a job as a counselor would make you feel very fulfilled and happy. Your friends probably turn to you for advice already so why not turn it into a career for you?

Leo: (July 23- Aug 22)

Leos are big fans of getting a lot of positive attention. They also love to inspire the people around them. A great job for a Leo would be as a teacher. If you are a Leo, you also know that you make a great boss too! You have many options in choosing your career path. Your charming nature will help you to become a success in whatever you do!

Virgo: (Aug 23- Sept 22)

Virgos love to serve others, but they also have a perfectionist mentality. They take direction from people very well too! However, Virgos like to beat themselves up if they do not put in the best performance at work. This could be hazardous to your health so make sure that you are in a profession that you know you can do well in.

Libra: (Sept 23- Oct 22)

Libras are very social beings and are great at being mediators in the workplace and in life. Libras seek balance and justice in all forms of their lives. If you are a Libra, you know that you want to master the art of reading people. This is why being a broker, translator, or salesperson is a good fit for you.

Scorpio: (Oct 23- Nov 21)

Scorpios are the best at keeping big secrets hidden. You should be in a profession that uses complete discretion at all times. A great job for you is with negotiations or expensive goods and services.

Sagittarius: (Nov 22- Dec 21)

You are a great conversationalist if you are a Sag! You work extremely hard at any job you do, but you want to be part of a big team. You will be great at any type of career you choose as long as there aren’t too many rules and regulations. You try to avoid those as much as possible.

Capricorn: (Dec 22- Jan 19)

You are very serious and organized. You are always enthusiastic at your job and are generally everyone’s cheerleader. People love to work with you! Find a career where you can rise to the top because you have put in a lot of hard work. Try not to over work yourself though, as you have a tendency to be a workaholic.

Aquarius: (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Aquarians are free sprints, but they are incredibly hard workers. They would rather work on their own and sometimes, Aquarians find themselves working on their projects in the middle of the night.

Pisces: (Feb 19- March 20)

You enjoy flexibility and show your boss just how flexible you can be too. You want to be the best at the job that you are doing. You will be perfect at a job in healing or in the arts. Not all of these suggestions will be a perfect fit for you, but as you further explore your zodiac sign, you will learn a lot about how you work with others and yourself.


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