Epigenetics Is Catching Up To What Yogis Have Always Known About Babies…

Epigenetics Is Catching Up To What Yogis Have Always Known About Babies

There is an eternal quest within human beings to discover and attain the Holy Grail. The majority of individuals believe it to be some sort of an object because it has been hidden within the dark ages. Cultures disguised the grail within fables, stories, and myths. Most recently the Da Vinci Code, movie and book, more accurately revealed the grail by explaining that Mary Magdalene held the bloodline of Jesus by conceiving and birthing a holy child with him.

The Holy Grail, or the sacred chalice, is blood that holds high vibrational DNA. It is a representation of your womb and ability to birth an enlightened child. This blood has a higher frequency, which is similar among the holy Beings that have walked our planet including Buddha, Quan Yin, and Mother Mary to name a few. These saints and sages walked through the dark ages shedding light for others to follow. Now that age has come to an end and you are here to usher in the enlightened age of man by birthing a new type of child on to this planet.

Science is now proving that DNA can be altered and programmed through a field called behavioral epigenetics. We are no longer victims of the past, but creators of our destiny. Epigenetics has proven what Yogis have always known: that your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, environment, and diet can change your life. They also ultimately program your baby in the womb. By merging ancient yogic philosophy and science, you can create a new frequency within your genome and become capable of conceiving, creating and birthing a higher caliber Being on to this planet. Woman, you are the Holy Grail.

My life’s work, through Mystical Motherhood, is to help women align the body, mind, and spirit in order to approach motherhood consciously. Integrating the best of science and Spirit, or Western and Eastern philosophies provide knowledge from the past that can propel us into the future. According to the ancient Yogis, the time between conception and birth is the most important period of motherhood and is crucial to developing a magical and intelligent individual.

Everything you think, feel and experience is passed on to your child through the womb. Your role during pregnancy is to remain in harmony and balance in order to provide the child with belief systems built on respect, appreciation, and love. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, taught a great deal on how to conceive and create an enlightened child. There are certain steps that you should take if you want to enter into motherhood mindfully according to this yogic heritage starting with conception.

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Your Guide to Creating an Enlightened Child According to Ancient Yogic Beliefs

Conscious conception requires a significant amount of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation. People all over the world are procreating, but as we can see, not much has improved. If you are prepared to do the work, you could change the planet. You cannot begin to plan a pregnancy or call in a soul too early. Use intention and prayer to plan each pregnancy for a very long time before you create the child in your womb. This focus begins the moment you get the feeling you are ready or even in your teens if you know in the distant future you want children.

Ancient Yogis prepared for years and even lifetimes to bring an advanced soul into this world. It is best if you can plan anywhere from three months to three years before conception, but if you don’t have this amount of time, start right now. During this period, you will begin to create a relationship with the type of soul you want to bring down and intimately communicate with the Being by getting to know one another. Just like you would pray to Spirit or God, you begin to connect with your baby long before you meet through open conversation and asking for the type of individual you would like to create.

During Pregnancy: Yogi Bhajan taught that the soul enters the body on the 120th day in the womb, which is around four months. The time between conception and the 120th day is when you should be consciously meditating and connecting to a high-energy Being still outside your body.

Ensure that your body, mind, and spirit are as pure as possible and increase your radiance through yoga and meditation. You want to gain as much energy as possible for the 120th day when the soul enters. Your auric field should be bright and large to attract a high vibrational child.

After this day, speak to the soul that is inside of you. When you communicate with the baby in your womb, make sure to explain what life on earth is like in full detail. You will want to speak to your child throughout the day, and knowing the sex is vital to doing this so you can teach them preferences and relate differently. Give the baby specific details about your schedule, home, neighborhood, chores, relationships, and feelings. When you do this, you are explaining life on earth to a person who has possibly never been here and who is likely a highly advanced Being. There are specific mantras, meditations and yogic sequences that can be completed during pregnancy to clear the karma of the child and upgrade your baby, which can be found in the book Mystical Motherhood.

Behavioral Epigenetics: Upgrading Your Genome for the Generations to Come

The Yogis knew that prayer, meditation and mantra would program a growing fetus and now science is beginning to pick up on this connection to consciousness too. According to Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, a cell’s life is controlled by its physical and energetic environment with only a small portion managed by its genes.

He discovered this while working with cells in Petri dishes. When he created a healthy environment for the cells, they thrived. When he did not they struggled. By readjusting the conditions for the cells in his Petri dishes he could make sick cells well again. Cells are responsive and change according to their environmental signals.

Similar to computers, they can be programmed by a source from outside themselves. Think of each cell in your body as a computer chip. Data can be edited at any point. Understanding this is critical before you become pregnant because it means that the cells within your growing fetus, which are quadrupling and massive rate every second, can be programmed. Environmental signals that affect cells are thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and nutrition because all of these things are a form of energy.

His work has become one of the fastest growing areas of scientific research, which is called behavioral epigenetics. This field is showing that genes are dynamic and responsive to everything that you think and do. Epigenetics demonstrates that you are in control of your gene activity and can enhance your genome through a better connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

Everything you eat, think or feel is received by this whole system creating messages and memories that are being sent directly to your DNA. Your genome holds the past, present and future information of the planet, and the memories of your ancestors. You will likely pass these memories on to your children unless you do the spiritual work to clear yourself. Ancient yogic science taught that women attract a soul with a similar vibrational frequency and the time between conception and birth creates the characteristics and destiny of the child for a lifetime. Epigenetics is leading us to believe that the consciousness of your cells will ultimately create the consciousness of your child.

Applying Yogic Philosophy and Behavioral Epigenetics to Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most crucial period of development and possibly the missing link to creating an enhanced individual, and even an enhanced world population. You can alter and enhance the child in your womb during pregnancy by improving your internal (thoughts, emotions, and beliefs) and external (food and toxins) environmental inputs. Cells are responsive and conscious, so everything you think and feel will literally be creating the type of child you will birth into this world.

You are naturally going to program or affect the cells of your growing child in utero, it is up to you whether you are conscious about the data you put in or not. Focus on your personal health and well-being in order to be the best mother. Releasing generational patterns, eating nutrient dense food and having positive thoughts are more important than preparing your baby’s room.

As an ancient gatekeeper, your frequency matters because you are the one who births new life into the world. Know your power.


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