Writing Down Your Soul: How To Activate And Listen To Your Voice Within…

Writing Down Your Soul: How To Activate And Listen To Your Voice Within

It has long been no secret that an inner voice helps to make the right decisions in life. Many people who have successfully chosen a field of professional activity or a partner don’t hide the fact that they trust their inner sense.

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What is the inner voice?

Often we are ready to decide, but the inner voice, or as we also call it, gut feeling or intuition, gives us a subtle warning. Often, the inner voice tells us something with the help of sudden insights, anxiety or joy, goosebumps, pulling sensations in the lower abdomen or back, obsessive thoughts, etc. But why do these sensations arise?

Why does intuition arise?

Throughout our lives, we learn. We receive a variety of knowledge in college, at the university, from the Internet, and so on. Intuition arises from the subconscious processing of all this data. When our brain “sees” a similar situation, it looks for solutions, clues, warnings from the previously received information. It sends them to us in the form of specific signals, which we call intuition or inner voice.

What does scientific research say?

In 2016, scientists decided to research intuition. Participants were asked to look at a screen of tiny moving dots and determine if the dots were moving to the right or left side of the screen. In parallel, they saw pictures that suggested the direction of the points, but these pictures were blocked from conscious perception. When participants saw these pictures, the responses were accurate and faster. The participants thought they were guessing intuitively.

As you can see, the sixth sense doesn’t arise by itself. It needs to be nourished and developed. We have collected tips for you to make it easier to achieve your goals.

Tips to activate and start listening to your inner voice

Even if you still haven’t heard the voice of inner guidance, do not despair. As Mahatma Gandhi said, everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone. We think our tips will help you with this.

1. Make notes

In the morning, set aside 10-15 minutes for your notes. Take a notebook and a pen and start writing down all the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind. You might want to paint. Do not restrain yourself, transfer thoughts to paper in any way you find effective. Re-read your notes in the evening. You may be surprised, but many of the events recorded in the morning often occur during the day. Practicing morning pages daily will help you better understand your inner voice.

This is also the way to understand yourself better, get back to your true self and cultural identity. This practice will allow you to find out more about who you are, and here is a guide to writing a “Who You Are” essay that might be helpful as well.

2. Take care of yourself

Look for your reasons for pleasure and do what you like more frequently: run, draw, play with your dog, listen to your favorite music, read new books – this will help you gain more knowledge, which may one day become an impetus for the development of intuition. Taking care and showing gratitude (by the way, practice the latter as a part of your morning pages creation) is a universal approach.

3. Trust yourself and be confident in your actions

Often the opinion of others prevents us from concentrating on our thoughts, ideas, and our inner self. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. Try to ignore other people’s comments. By listening to what other people are saying, you risk not hearing what your inner voice is saying.

4. Pay attention to moments of insight

To better hear your inner voice, keep an intuition diary. For this, the most common paper notebook or notes on a smartphone are suitable — record there all the moments when your intuitive channel was triggered. Write down and keep track of your ideas, suggestions, and feelings to find out which of them were right and promising.

5. Learn to meditate

To develop the subconscious, you need to learn to “turn off” the flow of thoughts. If your head is full of unnecessary information or stressed, it becomes harder for the sixth sense to manifest itself. Meditation helps to restore physical and mental health balance and hear the inner voice. You can do it at any time and almost anywhere. You just have to manage your time wisely to allocate 10-15 minutes per day for meditation and breathing practices.

The bottom line

When you learn to listen to your sixth sense, you will be surprised how often it can be beneficial. It may help you choose a new profession or decide to leave for a new place, make useful contacts, improve the quality of your diet by choosing the products your body asks for, get rid of many unnecessary habits and doubts. Start training your intuition and celebrate positive results.


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