Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working For You…

Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

How can you get the law of attraction to work for you when it seems like it's not working at all?

You understand the principles of the law of attraction. You’ve read books and articles that instruct how to manifest your destiny. You’ve meditated on the things you want and you’ve asked the universe to comply. You wait…


Why isn’t working? You asked and you believed, so why aren’t you receiving?

There are two very good reasons why it feels as if the universe has turned a deaf ear to the desires of your heart.

First and foremost, understand that your requests have been heard. They are not sitting in a cosmic inbox awaiting action. A complex plan with multiple players and co-conspirators has been initiated on your behalf by the universe. Things are happening within and beyond the scope of your existence and understanding. The universe is literally conspiring to give you everything you desire. The only hold up is you!

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Let go!

To really understand the law of attraction, you have to let go.

One of my favorite quotes attributed to Buddha is: “Attachment leads to suffering.”

I love this because it reminds me that pain, anguish, and sadness are all products of my inability or unwillingness to let something go. When I release whatever is causing me to suffer, I am rewarded with happiness, joy, and elation. It’s as if these negative and positive emotions are unable to co-exist in the same space. I am the gatekeeper who decides which emotions and feelings are allowed to occupy my heart, mind, and soul. In the same fashion, the universe is not ignoring or withholding your requests; it is simply waiting for you to let go of whatever is occupying the space that was created for your desires.

If you asked the universe for love, then you must let go of heartbreak, past hurts, and a closed heart. You must let go of the hope that someone from your past will change and atone for their actions. You must let go of the conclusions and assumptions derived from past negative experiences.

The universe cannot send you the love of your life if you are not currently living a life where love can flourish.

If you asked the universe for financial freedom, then you must let go of worries and concerns about lack. You must let go of the thoughts and actions that perpetuate a poverty mindset. You cannot simply wish for abundance; you must live a lifestyle based on an abundance mindset. That doesn’t mean squander away your money, but it does mean act as if.

Celebrate and appreciate whatever surplus may exist. Let go of the belief that you must hold on to every dime as if it were your last. Give! Giving your treasure to others signals the universe that you are ready for more and you can be trusted to be used as a vessel through which blessings can flow.

Imagine that the universe is patiently waiting for you to open your clenched fists and place in your hands all that you desire. You only have to let go.


You can get the law of attraction to work for you even when it seems impossible.

Lack of preparation is the second cause of the delayed delivery of your desires. When activating the powerful law of attraction, you must enter into three seasons: anticipation, preparation, and appreciation. Your anticipation season begins when you speak your dreams and desires into existence. You speak with confidence because you know that words have incredible power and everything you say is coming to you.

Your preparation and appreciation season begin simultaneously. You are preparing your life for the blessings that are about to flow into it. You are making room and purging anything that may conflict with your desires.

As you start this preparation process, you are expressing gratitude for what is to come. Remember, the universe doesn’t just make things appear. Manifesting destiny is a process that takes place over time. You are blessed along the way to your blessing.

If you asked the universe for a new house, then you should be preparing for your move. You should be going through your closets, deciding what will go, what will say, and what can you bless others with through donation. You should be researching the schools, churches, and activities in your new neighborhood. All the while, you are showing gratitude for your current living quarters.

You don’t live in a dump and you don’t hate your current space. You are grateful that you have a roof over your head and you are protected from the elements. You are grateful that your current living arrangements, no matter how unpleasant, is merely a temporary stop along the way to your desired destination.

The universe will not burden you with blessings.

We have seen countless examples of people who seem to be in a blessed state from our vantage points, but we find out they are miserable. Prepare for your blessings, so when they come (and they will) they are truly blessings. The law of attraction is real. Thoughts truly become things. All that we have and all that we’ve experienced have been a result of a thought that originated in our minds at some point. We are creating the world around us daily. To manifest the destiny we have designed in our minds, we only have to follow the simple tenants of the law of attraction: ask, believe, receive.

If it seems that your desires are detained, then assess what you are holding on to that is occupying precious space and ensure that you have intentionally prepared your life to receive the blessings you desire.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” ~ Buddha


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