Why Is My Twin Flame Not With Me When I Feel Them Energetically?…

Why Is My Twin Flame Not With Me When I Feel Them Energetically?

I get this question almost daily from my students, clients and even friends.

Sadly, there is a pattern that most twin flames in separation are not aware of. Most of these people are women (or men dominant in the Feminine energy) who are heartbroken about their twin walking away and now shagging someone else. They often start to doubt themselves and think they are delusional about this connection or have met a narcissist or there is something wrong with them.

The problem is that you are looking for the right answer in the wrong places, most likely trying to explain this utterly Divine Spiritual and Heart-based Connection through only logic and reason found in the 3-dimensional physical reality, which really doesn’t tell you the full story. You may feel that your heart has opened, desiring to unite with your Twin Flame in your entire being – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You feel your Twin flame in energy form. He or she often shows up in your dreams and no matter how many times you’ve said ‘goodbye’ or tried to cut the energetic cords, you simply can’t get rid of this love.

The result? You may feel increasingly irritated, powerless or depressed; as if you’ve lost all control over your life and this is some sick joke that the Universe is playing with you. But don’t worry, you are not going crazy and there is an explanation to all this.

So what’s happening here?

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Awakening of your multiple energy fields

Our twin flame experience is teaching us that we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. Coming into this journey means that you are starting to awaken your mental, emotional and above all the spiritual body. As unawakened beings, most of us are pretty aware that we have a mental, emotional and physical body.

However, nobody explained to us that beyond this, we also have a spiritual body. This part of us has often been repressed because of our childhood and societal conditioning. So in the first few phases of your twin flame awakening, the entire focus is on rebuilding your connection to your own Divine Spirit.

My belief is that our Spirit is infinite, eternal and it never dies. Our spiritual body is actually much bigger than our physical body. And what most people don’t realize is that our physical body actually sits inside of our Spirit and not the other way round. 

Awakening of your multi-dimensional being

The ‘multi-dimensional’ aspect of us refers to the fact that we live parallel lives simultaneously in different dimensions of consciousness. The third dimension (3D) represents our physical experience here on earth, where we can feel, touch, hear, see, taste each other and the life around us. We have a body made of dense energy. 

As you go through your spiritual awakening you are being trained to become aware of your soul/ higher self and therefore understand that you have a spiritual body made of liquid energy. This is most likely where you feel your twin flame talking to you, reassuring you, loving you and even making love to you. And all this happens in the fifth dimensional (5D) level of consciousness where we communicate telepathically soul to soul through the heart energy.

This is not some spiritual fluff and there is now a lot of hard evidence of this within science too. When your twin flame comes to you through the liquid energy, it may be unexpected, overwhelming, intensely beautiful and ‘words can’t describe’ kind of experience. This is something that actually goes on throughout the entire lifetime of your twin flame journey because once you awaken the twin flame light codes within you, you cannot shut it down. You have chosen to experience this in your lifetime and the quicker you surrender to the sublime beauty of this journey the better for you.

What happens, however, is that when we feel our twin flame in energy form, we start to ‘demand’ his or her presence in the physical. If this doesn’t happen, we feel betrayed, unloved, rejected or delusional about our own feelings. But the truth is that you are just perceiving your twin flame in another dimension and that’s okay.

Oftentimes, he or she is not quite ready to be with you in the physical but he or she comes to you energetically to remind you of the connection you share. Your job is to build the bridge to your heart, learn to trust yourself and have the courage to keep your heart open. 

Awareness of how we were conditioned is important

Throughout childhood, most women (or those dominant in the feminine energy) have been encouraged or at least allowed to express their feelings which became part of their subconscious programming (beliefs, values, behaviors). This is powerful because your soul communicates to you through your heart so you can perceive this energy with ease, receive Divine guidance and follow your intuition.

And this is exactly why you are able to feel your Twin flame energetically in 5D when he thinks of you or connects with you emotionally. It’s natural and easy for you because it’s all done through the language of feeling and intuition that is not only nurtured within women from the young age but it’s also their natural strength. 

However, most men (or those dominant in masculine energy) have a much harder time connecting with their feelings because their dominant way of expression is logic, reason, action and physical experience. So there is a big disconnect with their higher self and their heart. They cannot hear it or block it consciously or unconsciously every time they feel something. Because most of them have been conditioned to suppress their feelings and ‘be the tough guy’, their dominant language is logic and reason. Their programming is telling them that it’s not safe to trust these feelings, this is not logical, so I reject it.

Some of the masculines also project past hurt with previous relationships onto you and the present moment and they think if they trust their heart or feelings, they will be hurt again. This is how they often justify their ‘running’ from this love. We all see it everywhere in the world, how much damage it can cause when the masculine energy is disconnected from the spiritual body (heart, feelings, higher self 5D).

So, how do we move forward?

First things first. When your Twin flame calls to you, when you feel the heart pull, when he or she makes love to you in your dreams, telling you energetically that he or she loves you, but then you see nothing in the 3D physical world, you are not going crazy and you are not delusional. Your twin flame is communicating with you in 5D and your spiritual body can perceive it if you are attuned to your soul’s intuition enough and don’t immediately dismiss it or override it with your logical mind.

If you see that your twin only communicates with you in 5D and is choosing to stay in separation from you in the physical reality, you have to accept that’s his or her choice. No amount of control, begging, pushing or chasing, will convince him or to change until he or she is ready to change. Your twin flame is a powerful soul and there may be a reason why he or she is not awakening just yet. Perhaps there are lessons that he or she has chosen to learn and overcome in this lifetime. Or perhaps the biggest lesson is for you to learn to trust your feelings even if you are separated from the man/ woman your heart longs for.

I see so many women and even men stuck waiting for their twin flame to make a move towards them, but the sad thing is that if you are waiting for them, you are actually waiting on yourself. What I feel guided to do on this journey myself is to walk towards mastery – mastering healing of all different levels of my mind, emotional body, physical body, and the spiritual body.

I feel called to connect with my soul on a level that speaks volumes, surrendering to the loving embrace of the Universe and trusting that all of this will make sense one day. I made it my mission to become my greatest version of my whole self, leading from my heart and living from a place of authenticity. And it’s this inner alignment that has created miracles in my life.

When you commit to your healing, you’ll discover the most incredible inner bliss and freedom that nothing else can ever match. And on top of that, getting into vibrational alignment with your dream life from the inside-out (your heart, mind, soul) will mean that this will be eventually reflected to you on the outside in the external world.

I encourage every twin flame who is longing for their beloved to honor this love, allow themselves to feel it, keep their heart open but detach from the outcome. This is something that is hard for us to do because we are programmed to fear the unknown and we feel much safer when we know who we will end up with romantically or otherwise. For this very reason, many twin flames end up obsessing over their beloved. They get attached to specific ideas on how this love will materialize, which leaves them feeling increasingly frustrated and powerless over this connection.

What I encourage my fellow twin flames (sisters and brothers), to do instead is to realize that they deserve to be happy in 3D too. This is why you were given your precious human body to enjoy life through your senses. You deserve to be kissed, loved, made love to, have a partner in real physical life, someone to rely on, someone to grow a family with and be genuinely happy.

So, give it 6 months, year, 2 years if you wish but if you don’t see any action from your twin flame moving towards you, you have to start living your life in 3D on your terms and in HAPPINESS! Of course, the choice is yours, but I urge you not to wait for anyone.

You don’t want to get to 80 years of age, look back on your life and regret that you have wasted the most precious years of your life, waiting on a guy who hasn’t chosen you, meanwhile he has lived his life in all the glory, fun, adventures and fulfilling experiences. I know it hurts like hell letting go, but I guarantee you, that the regret of a life wasted would hurt even more.

Your life is a precious gift and you owe it to yourself to be happy! So get our there and mingle with people, allow yourself to love and be loved and above all fully explore all that brings you joy. Understand your values and don’t settle for anything less than. Create a vision for the man/ woman of your dreams and call him/ her in to meet you on your level.

Your twin will always be with you in 5D, loving you unconditionally and cheering you on. But you CANNOT live in guilt and hope of what if he or she comes back. You have to live your every moment in the now because God gave you this precious gift of life to learn, experience and explore the world fully and use your gifts to make a difference in someone else’s life (pursue your purpose).

And this is exactly what I encourage all of my students, clients, and friends to do if they see no action from their twin in the physical.

Make it count. You only get one life. 💖


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