Why Does The Divine Masculine Take Longer To Awaken To True Divine LOVE?…

Why Does The Divine Masculine Take Longer To Awaken To True Divine LOVE?

Understanding our unique biology is important.

Biologically speaking (and with much respect) men are a bit slower at processing information than women, especially those related to intuition, heart energy, and emotions. This is where women truly thrive. Men are single-taskers, focused on processing one thing at the time and often struggle to connect the dots to other sources of information, compared with women who can get to the root cause and solution much faster. It’s not being disrespectful, it’s just understanding our unique biology and honoring it with the greatest of respect and appreciation. Each gender (polarity energy) has certain strengths and some weaker points. Men thrive in the singularity of thought, emotion, action and focus which are qualities that women often struggle with. Women can access multiple thoughts, emotions, past evidence, memories, and new data at the same time to come to a conclusion about a particular challenge.

Another critical aspect that I have observed in my coaching practice is that many men like to learn from the physical experience. They like to taste, touch and physically experience something to know what it feels like in their body and their heart. Whereas many women connect with their intuition, gut feeling about a person, situation or an opportunity and are able to transcend the physical experience to know what’s true for them. Both are equally valued, powerful and beautiful. It’s basically just a different method that gets you to the same destination eventually.

We have all likely heard about the left brain – right brain dominance theory and when it comes to the spiritual awakening we see that so much information is channeled through our intuition, heart intelligence, a gut knowing, emotions and soul’s guidance, all of which women connect with much faster and easier than men. This is likely the no. 1 rational and biological reason why the Divine Feminine awakens before the Divine Masculine does.

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Early life conditioning plays a big part

On top of that, most men are programmed from early childhood to ‘avoid, shut down and run from emotions’ because society used to call it a weakness. Now we are waking up to the truth that our emotions are our greatest compass, not only in love and life but also in our awakening and in living the most fulfilling life ever.

Self-awareness is key

Learning to trust our emotions and be able to process them in a healthy way is fundamental to a fully AWAKENED Meaningful and Intentional life. Most people project past pain onto present people and they run from an opportunity to build beautiful deeply fulfilling intimacy.

As we surrender into our hearts, we learn to reflect on our own behavior, beliefs systems and actions, which will help us to see which of our ‘automatic’ behaviors and reactions stem from past pain and fear. Being able to observe ourselves objectively without judgment is the first step towards greater consciousness and ability to make choices in line with our highest passion, joy, and fulfillment. Practice makes perfect!

How to do this in a practical way?

  • Don’t forget that each gender has both the feminine and masculine energy within. So, the next time you find yourself wanting to run from a trigger, an emotion or a person, STOP & SELF-OBSERVE.
  • Ask yourself critical trigger questions to understand whether you are operating on autopilot (acting out on past pain and therefore letting your subconscious run the show automatically).
  • You know you are about to sabotage your happiness if you use language such as “in the past, I did this and this was the negative result…” or “in the past I opened my heart to someone and they rejected me” or any other limited thinking that is driven by the memories of the past hurts.
  • Remember, to give yourself a chance by connecting to your heart and asking yourself: “What do I want instead of the pain and past hurt from this present moment?” When you visualize a successful outcome and connect with the energy of your deepest desire fulfilled you will get it.
  • YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON! So focus on the positives in the situation, in the person, getting to the root cause of your emotional trigger, healing it and making peace with the past pain and only ever projecting SUCCESS, POSITIVITY and LOVE onto the present people and situations.

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