What Reiki Will Do For You And What It Won’t…

What Reiki Will Do For You And What It Won’t

Many turn to Reiki when they’ve tried conventional routes to healing such as medicine, nutrition, chiropractic care or psychotherapy. Whether you’re trying Reiki for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual balance, it’s important to know how Reiki can support you and also what it doesn’t promise.

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What Reiki Will Support You In


Embracing the system of Reiki helps us observe our thoughts habits and reactions. We become self-aware and learn from ourselves. As a result, we don’t react in the same ways in which we used to. As our subtle bodies shift and as our emotional wounds are healed, we aren’t triggered by the same situations or people.


When we practice energy healing, we recognize how powerful our intentions are and that we can manifest our desires with our awareness. Reiki helps us release our victim mentality and take responsibility for how we have created our life’s situations. We learn to shift our vibration, release what isn’t meant for us and consciously choose again.


Reiki allows our bodies to relax and for our nervous systems to balance. Clients often share that their muscles soften, hearts open and minds find stillness. Reiki is not about channeling a magical energy to heal any health condition. It’s about supporting your body and giving it the mental and emotional environment to do what it already knows how to do.


By releasing past hurts, doubts, anger, fear, and judgment, we remember our true nature. The Reiki precepts guide us to live in the present moment with mindfulness. They encourage us to keep our focus on our own being, one day at a time.


Reiki energy helps us find stillness and ease which creates the perfect environment for inspiration to seep in. In this silence, many find their best ideas and acknowledge their true potential. We “step off the hamster wheel” of our engrained thoughts when we shift our energy field.


As we invite lifeforce energy to the third eye, we cleanse and clear the energetic center that houses our intuition. We acknowledge it’s presence and power, after possibly ignoring it for years. We bring awareness there to listen to the soul’s whispers of guidance. Often this means that we’re led to our soul’s purpose or calling.


At the beginning of every Reiki session, we call upon our Reiki Masters, and we acknowledge that we’re co-creating with a Higher Power. With practice, we witness the signs and synchronicities and we begin to feel the presence of our guides and teachers. Reiki offers a path to build faith and hope when we’re not sure that we’re being heard and protected,.

Mind-body synergy

Reiki healing is an opportunity for us to learn how our consciousness affects our cells. With a daily practice, we become aware of our nervous system, emotions, and thoughts that manifest in our physical body. If you’ve been eating the right foods, and receiving professional health care support, consider your emotional wellbeing. Reiki helps us listen to our heart and create synergy between the mind and body.

What Reiki Cannot Promise

Instant fix

The purpose of energy healing isn’t to take away all physical ailments instantly. Some clients find instant relief of headaches, back pain, or fatigue and most find progress in their health and wellbeing with Reiki. However, they also acknowledge their need to complement it with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Reiki isn’t by any means a substitute for quality medical care.


Reiki is not a bypass to enlightenment. We still learn the lessons that we came here to learn but Reiki helps to bring our awareness to them. Whether it’s the experiences we haven’t processed or the limiting beliefs that don’t serve us, Reiki nudges us until we choose to heal. Sometimes this spiritually-guided life force energy will reframe your perspectives but we still have to feel our emotions and make the choice to release the old.


Energy healing won’t take away problems that we aren’t willing to be honest about. It’ll help us clear feelings and thought patterns that we are ready to acknowledge and receive help for. Reiki is there to guide us only after we’ve honored the pain and lessons in our growth. It’s not about avoidance but rather embracing our past in order to empower ourselves.

If you’re considering a session with a Reiki practitioner, it’s important to know how Reiki supports our wholeness. Remember, Reiki is not only hands-on-healing but also a system comprised of meditation, precepts, mantras, symbols, and attunements. Embrace the entire system and learn to support your wellbeing. Living by the system of Reiki helps us embody the light that is ever-present within us and around us.


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