What Is Your Style According To Your Chinese Element?…

What Is Your Style According To Your Chinese Element?

If you practice Daoism, Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, or Acupuncture, you may know of the Chinese elements and their importance in energy/chi.

There are five Chinese elements: water, metal, wood, earth, and fire. Each one possesses their own strengths and weaknesses, making up everything in the natural world. Containing their own specific chi, they help in balancing the overall universal chi. We also have connections with the elements. Each of us has a dominant element, meaning that we have a lot of that specific chi in our energy. Our element shows itself in all aspects of our life, from our personalities to our health. We even tend to follow our element preferences when dressing ourselves.

Clothing is a very unique and personal self-expression. Understanding how someone dresses can tell you a lot about their energy.

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Fire chi people have a lot of spark to their personality. They are vibrant, outgoing socialites who dress to shine! They tend to be innovative when it comes to fashion, mixing and matching different patterns to create a unique style that only they can seem to pull off. Bright and bold colors are also something fire energies tend to gravitate towards, especially on the warmer color scheme, so expect to see a lot of cherry reds, oranges, and hot pinks. Since they also tend to be more invested in trends, they tend to rock whatever is ‘IN’.


Earth chi people are calm, kind, and collected. They radiate warmth in a different way than fire people and tend to have a cozy and relaxed vibe about them. Their colors are more in line with earthy tones such as burgundy reds, mustard yellows, and deep greens, if not just going to an all-neutral color palette of beige, tans, and taupes. They’re not big into patterns and prefer texture when it comes to clothing. Cozy cable knits and warm cardigans are their classic go-to’s. Muted colors work well with these types, so sage greens and light taupes are perfect!

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Water chi people are intuitive, dreamy, and often artsy and creative. Since they have a strong emotional pull, they lean towards looser fitting clothing that has a lot of movement to it, like water! Long loose skirts, peasant blouses, and scarves work with their chi. They prefer jeweled colors with rich depth, like the beautiful tones of the ocean. Rich indigo blues, deep aubergines, and emeralds work well with these folks. They prefer organic patterns, like paisleys and waves, or patterns typically found in indigenous clothing.


Wood chi people are more of the active type. Adventurous and go-getters, they tend to be out and about, hiking, climbing, or just moving! They prefer well-tailored pieces that fit their bodies and provide a lot of movement for their busy lifestyles. They tend to wear practical and durable materials and pieces such as flannels, overalls, and denim due to their on-the-go life.


Metal chi people prefer the style of simple yet elegant. Often times their style is minimalist but with high-quality materials. They have a strong sense of beauty and tend to gravitate towards clothing with a timeless look. They prefer high contrast, such as black and white (or one or the other). These types look put-together no matter if they’re going out to dinner or going for a jog.


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