What Is The Hidden Power In Spirituality?…

What Is The Hidden Power In Spirituality?

Religion has existed since centuries. And while it continues to thrive all over the world even today, in certain learned communities, it is seen as a legacy these days. Younger generations struggle to understand the somewhat outdated norms and rituals associated with religious practices, and are therefore in search of a practice that makes sense to them.

This is where Spirituality comes in.

While in religion, there is the act of ‘doing’ such as praying, meditating, fasting, etc., spirituality is about realizing really ‘who am I’. Here, we also understand who is really the doer in this world and hence realize that we are not the ‘doer’.

The hidden power in spirituality is amazing. We all want happiness, isn’t it?…

Spirituality delivers permanent happiness! This indeed is the hidden power in spirituality.

There are other ancillary hidden powers too. Here are a few examples:

The hidden power of Non-doership

Spirituality provides answers to questions such as, ‘how does this world run, who runs it, what are the laws of Nature, etc.’ When we understand that we are not the doer, the sense of controlling things that are naturally happening in this world slowly fades away; and with it goes away our tendency to worry over small little things or to get stressed or tensed up when things do not seem to be going the decided way. As we begin to understand the law of cause and effect in greater detail, we are able to appreciate how our good and bad deeds of past life are actually determining the present events that we see happen in our life today, and thus unleash this hidden power of spirituality.

The hidden power of Pure Intention

Spirituality helps set the right inner intent. We attain the perfect inner intent of “I am a Pure Soul” that guides our spiritual journey to liberation, hereon. And to live a happy and peaceful life until liberation, we harness the intent of not causing any hurt to others. Gradually, as we progress in spirituality, our intents become more and more pure, and pure intentions hold unimaginable hidden power.

The hidden power of Positivity

Negative emotions such as anger-pride-deceit-greed impact those around us adversely, and it also hinders our own spiritual progress. Knowledge of how we attract these emotions into our life and how we can become free from all the negativities forever unfolds tremendous power of positivity.

The hidden power of Flawless Vision

We said we all want happiness. So, what is stopping us from experiencing this happiness? Our blunders and mistakes.

We do not really know who I am. This is the biggest blunder of all as it is the root cause of all our mistakes. We have countless mistakes. Yet, we waste our precious time focusing on other people’s mistakes. Spirituality helps turn this camera onto ourselves so that we can recognize and correct our own mistakes and become free from them.

To wash away our mistakes, spirituality recommends the tool of Pratikraman, where we confess our mistakes before God, ask Him for forgiveness with great repentance in our heart and make a firm determination to not repeat this mistake ever again. This is a powerful tool which helps us break our mistakes and fosters good relations in life.

Where can we find a spiritual path with such hidden powers?

By the grace of Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, Akram Vignan offers such a spiritual path. Akram Vignan brings about the fundamental internal change with right understanding that leads to right conduct. Here, the ignorance of the Self (Atma) is removed in a matter of just two hours. Through his scientific process of Self-Realization known as Gnan Vidhi, Param Pujya Dadashri imparted the Knowledge of Self to others within just two hours. We are fortunate that after Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan passed away, this knowledge was imparted by Pujya Niruma and it continues to be imparted through Pujyashree Deepakbhai Desai, even today!!!

Once we attain the Knowledge of the Self, it is effortless and self-acting within. Consequently, we experience freedom from all unhappiness in this very life. This is called the first stage of liberation where even amidst suffering, we experience the bliss of the Self (Atma) from within. That’s when we know that we’ve attained permanent happiness, the hidden power in spirituality.


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