What Does Moving To A Higher Vibration Mean?…

What Does Moving To A Higher Vibration Mean?

Many wonder what it means to move to a higher vibration. What changes take place when a person moves to higher codes of conduct?

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Inner Drive for Freedom

Those who walk a new path like Divine Mother Amma, Jesus, Buddha, and many others have an inner drive to find liberation. They are no longer controlled by what society wants and what society tells them they should be doing. Their code of conduct comes from a higher place, a place that understands everything in the Universe. Thus, they are truly free.

Willing to Give Up Everything

Take for instance Divine Mother Amma. While her mother and father beat her, she did not complain. They tried to get her married and she resisted. Her father belittled her, yet she kept doing her daily devotions to God and loving everyone she would meet. Her parents wanted Divine Mother Amma to be just like everyone else, in their terms normal. But Divine Mother Amma would not give in and thus they pushed gave her out as a house cleaning woman to their relatives. But this did not stop Divine Mother Amma. Soon, she was having spiritual services and thousands of people came from hundreds of miles to honor her.

Willing to Sacrifice

Those who walk a Divine path are willing to sacrifice everything for everyone. Take for instance Buddha, who walked away from his loving wife and newborn child in order to end suffering and show people the way to inner peace. This was not easy if he had looked back just once he never would have left. Yet, he had a higher calling, a calling to help mankind and end suffering.

The Opposite of What Their Parents Want Them to Do

Think of Jesus, for sure his mother Mary did not want him to go down the path of being crucified. Yet, he knew without a doubt that this was his path, and he would help billions find their way to God. Sometimes we have to do, what we have to do, even though our parents are not happy about it in order to walk the divine path.

A Different Path for Everyone

There is a different path for everyone who seeks liberation. There are many paths up the mountain of freedom but each path leads to the same place, a place of great inner peace and amazing love for everyone.


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