3 Ways To Get Back Into Your Flow After Traveling…

3 Ways To Get Back Into Your Flow After Traveling

While travel beautifully combines adventure and spontaneity, it can also take a lot out of you. From long airplane rides to sightseeing, all of your senses are in overdrive from the moment you leave the house. Eventually, your mind, body, and soul will need a little help getting back into their daily flow. Unwind and come back home to yourself with a few simple yet soothing techniques:

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One of the best ways to begin this rejuvenation process is by practicing meditation. Before jumping back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take a moment to breathe and focus on the present moment. After being exposed to so many new things throughout your travels, your mind and body need time to find peace and harmony before getting back into the swing of things. For an even deeper connection and experience, incorporate holding a mala throughout your practice. While its positive energy will nourish your spirit, its physical presence will help keep your mind grounded and bring you back to the present moment. With regular use, your mala will infuse with your unique energy and stay with you throughout your spiritual journey.


Smudging is a simple yet effective ritual that’s perfect for giving you and your home a much-needed fresh start. When choosing herbs, gravitate towards cedar, lavender, or sage to ensure the creation of good energy and the process of cleansing and restoring. Once you’ve chosen your herb, place it in an abalone shell or clay bowl then light it with a match. Gently blow out the flame, let the herb continue to smolder, and immerse yourself in the healing fumes. Let it peacefully wash over your body and your home while it helps you create a new mindset and a fresh start to your daily routine.

Healing Crystals

Sometimes what heals our soul the most can’t always be seen, but it can be felt. The healing energy that crystals provide can be just the thing to align your mind, body, and soul after traveling. The crystals you choose to surround yourself with will depend on what part of your soul needs to be nourished. While you may look to amazonite to create good energy and increase intuitive wisdom, you may also want to pair it with labradorite to connect you to the universe’s energies and raise your consciousness. No matter what though, one of the best stones for starting anew is moonstone. A celestial classic, this stone’s iridescence will remind you that every moment is a new beginning and that, like the moon and its phases, everything undergoes a cycle of change.

Whether you’re away from home for a few days or a few months, take the time to come home to yourself when you’re back from your trip. Your mind will thank you, your body will love you, and your soul will be eternally grateful.


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