7 Ways To Develop Prosperity Consciousness…

7 Ways To Develop Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity is an effect on us in the same way that poverty or scarcity is. If you think about cause and effect, then the cause is your mindset. The sum of your thoughts, beliefs, meanings, intentions, decisions, memories, values, become your habits of thinking and behaving – your personality. Your personality is your mindset in action. Your personality then creates your personal reality. In order to change your personal reality, you have to change your personality – you have to undergo personality development in order to change the beliefs that hinder you to experience the reality you desire.

Coming back to prosperity, it is also a state of mind – the continuous thoughts and emotions giving you the experience and reality of prosperity. These thoughts and associated emotions determine your responses and subsequent consequences that you recognize as prosperity. It is the cycle of thoughts, emotions, responses of speech and actions, and consequences that create the results in your life.

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Another word for consciousness is awareness and in terms of prosperity, it means to what extent you are aware of prosperity. That means that you must be able to recognize prosperity, right?

It is here where the problem and solution lie. Most people run their brains on autopilot, meaning that they are mostly unaware of themselves. They are unaware of the 65,000 thoughts they have every day. This is evident of the same daily routine people follow day in and day out. The body has in fact taken over the conscious mind. You see, your body is the expression of your subconscious mind. When the body and mind are in sync, the body takes over.

For example, you don’t consciously think how to drive your car, get dressed, cook a meal (unless it is a new recipe), take a shower, etc. The body knows how to do that. It does not need the conscious mind.

This is where most people operate. They have basically abdicated their conscious mind to their subconscious mind. The danger with this premise is that the body-mind (subconscious mind), also called the ego mind, is jealous of its territory. It likes things the way they are. Its job is to keep you safe is powerful enough to create the circumstances to make sure things stay the same. That is if you should get the ridiculous idea to do something beyond the boundaries it has set for you, like making loads of money if you haven’t done so before.


The main driver of the subconscious mind is your self-image that operates like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have a self-image of being not good enough, not worthy, inadequate, inferior, then that is how you will see and experience a life of lack, fear and feeling separate from success, money, and Source or God. If you have a self-image of worthy and good enough, then you will experience a life of success, prosperity, and flow. This affects all aspects of your life, including business, money, relationships, and health. The key then is to upgrade your self-image and thereby free yourself from the past.

Personality development

You have to teach your body-mind a new experience of prosperity. You have to condition it to become used to the new experience of love and abundance. In doing this, you rewire your brain by continuously firing new brain cells until they become dominant. These comprise of a variety of practices of personality development where you design and implement a New You. In the process, you become the person who you need to be to live a reality of prosperity flowing into your business and life.

Here are 7 Ways to Cultivate Prosperity Consciousness:

1) Guided meditation

Do a guided meditation and visualization of what you and your life will look like when you have manifested the prosperity you desire, daily.

2) Addicted to feeling good

Become acutely aware of how you feel and continuously practice to raise your vibration, looking for anything that makes you feel good.

3) Attitude of gratitude

Develop an attitude of gratitude where you keep a journal and continuously count your blessings of what you have. Also, express gratitude for what you desire to manifest as if it is already here.

4) Way-of-being

Contemplate who you need to BE: what beliefs, intentions and habits you need to practice and integrate. Deliberately and consciously practice them daily to integrate them into your neurology until it becomes your dominant way-of-being.

5) Clarity

Take time every day and continue to get clarity on your vision and your ‘why’, feeling it and giving thanks for having it.

6) Visual images

Make a vision board and or Pinterest board filled with images of what prosperity will look like in your life and business. Imagine yourself in these places, doing the activities and interacting with whom you would love to and most importantly, feel the feelings that make it real to your subconscious mind.

7) Daily rituals

Have daily rituals where you frequently and deliberately tune into the higher vibration of prosperity, seeing and feeling yourself living that reality.


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