5 Ways To Clear Your Karma…

5 Ways To Clear Your Karma

The modern world keeps going forward, with new technologies and crazy discoveries emerging every day and transforming the way we live. But some things remain the same no matter how many years pass or how many generations change into one another. Karma is one of them.

As a concept, it emerged before c. 1500 BCE, and it has managed to preserve its relevance because every life is an endless cycle of actions and their consequences. If a person is surrounded by negativity, it is always reflected in their life circumstances. Every bad action has results that might not be immediately visible but the importance of which cannot be underestimated.

So, how to get rid of bad karma? Is it even possible? Fortunately for us all, the answer is yes.

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5 ways of unburdening your karma

Whether you believe in karma with your whole heart or not, you likely still understand the danger of negative emotions. When anger, fury, or resentment keep being bottled up, it poisons everything around you, painting your karma in dark colors. It’s been proven that negativity cannot be avoided entirely, but it’s still possible to address it, counter it, and engage in some karma clearing. Here are five effective ways of doing that.

1) Act with warmth at all times

No matter how much we might want to, we cannot love every person we meet. When we encounter someone we dislike, the situation gets even more complex. The most important thing is, don’t let yourself succumb to negative feelings. Be warm or at the very least polite to those who surround you, no matter what they’ve done. If you teach yourself how to treat everyone positively rather than negatively, you’ll quickly see the difference. It might be tough at first, but treat it like an exercise, and the final results will be absolutely worth it since by giving warmth to others, you’re going to receive it in response.

2) Let go of resentment

If you lived for at least ten years, you likely feel some amount of resentment for a specific person or even several people. It’s natural because there will always be those who hurt us and who we are angry with. But clinging to this contempt and grimness isn’t healthy. If you feel like you are about to crumble under the weight of your karma, with things going wrong all the time, consider reevaluating your experiences.

Let it all go, removing every trace of negativity from your heart and mind. Find forgiveness and send it to the person who hurt you, physically or mentally, it doesn’t matter. As soon as you do that, you will feel better, basking in the realization that the invisible weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

3) Apologize for the wrongs you’ve caused

Similarly, if you lived a life, you probably have hurt someone at one point. It could be a minor event that the other person has completely forgotten by now. But if you still remember it, then its repercussions are still with you, forming a negative part of your karma.

Don’t let it stay with you for long. Find the strength to apologize, if not for this person’s sake, then for your own. The moment you do it, you’ll get a deep sense of relief. It will contribute to your karma cleanse attempt.

4) Focus on positivity

Even if you haven’t experienced any ugly arguments, with no one to apologize to, you might still be engulfed by the feeling of blackness. Your plans might be falling through all the time, your ideas being rejected, and your enjoyment of life being hindered at every step by the feeling of depression. Remember to give yourself some comfort in this case. Don’t overload yourself with work and don’t succumb to everyday worries, making them the central point of your existence.

Make sure to do something you genuinely like for at least several hours each day. Read a book, watch a new movie, visit friends or just relax in your favorite armchair with a cup of tea. If happiness doesn’t come to you by itself, invite it in. Stay positive, and you’ll feel the effects of it in your karma, warming you and giving you a sense of long-awaited lightness.

5) Remove toxicity from your life

In some instances, negativity could be coming from other people, not from you. Almost every person has encountered the so-called vampires who feed on your energy and thrive on conflicts. If you have a friend or a colleague who makes you feel bad, try to sever the ties with them. It doesn’t mean that you have to start a huge argument or make a scene, not at all. Just limit your contact with them and try to avoid having one on one interactions. Your life will quickly feel better and more positive after this.

Employ a positive attitude and stop slumping under the weight of your karma

There might not be a scientific answer revealing how to cleanse your karma, but the knowledge we’ve preserved is more than enough. Positivity is everything because it’s the only thing that puts smiles on people’s faces and shows them that there is something worth living for. Love, friendship, good mood, and the ability to enjoy books, movies, as well as life, in general, are all rooted in it, so as long as you chase away negativity, your karma is going to be just fine.

If you are worried that yours has become a burden, follow the recommendations above and you’re guaranteed to feel better. If you make yourself happy, happiness is exactly what’s going to surround you.


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