So You Want To Be More Conscious? 5 Questions To Support Your Consciousness…

So You Want To Be More Conscious? 5 Questions To Support Your Consciousness

Every human on this planet is on a spiritual journey. There are some of us that are aware of it and some of us that are not. I have been on my spiritual journey now for over ten years and the one thing I truly know is that I know nothing. There are a lot of spiritual-minded (and the key word here is ‘mind’) “journeymen”, who haven’t unpacked judgment and pride from their knapsacks. Judgment and pride are the killers of consciousness.

These individuals’ spiritual journeys are being tainted by the belief that because they are spiritual, they “know more and better”. For me, to avoid spiritual bypassing I return time and time again to key questions which support a deeper sense of awareness and connection. These questions allow an integration of spirit and humanness so that I embody a Soul having a human experience.

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1) Why am I on this spiritual journey?

You might think this question has an obvious answer, but it doesn’t. When I first began asking this question the answers were about transforming my external world. I wanted to suffer less and receive more. Now, it is about deepening my connection with the Divine and feeling an internal wholeness and peace.

2) What is my truth?

Truth is one of those concepts that individuals throw around to prove their point or justify inappropriate behavior. This question is really about Universal Truths: one with the Divine, whole and complete, etc. When I answer this question, it allows me to become aware of whether I’m focusing on the small truths or the big ones with a capital “T”.

3) Your life is a mirror for your consciousness. What are you seeing in this mirror and how can you transform it?

Often, we are running through life and our experiences. If we don’t like what is happening in our world, we try to fix it instead of reflecting on it and transforming those conflicts within. This question allows me to pause and examine my life without judgment so I can course-correct my consciousness.

4) What is preventing you from accepting that you are creating your own world?

I believe I accept that I am the creator of my own world, and yet some of my actions are in conflict with that acceptance. This question creates an awareness of slowing down and focusing my attention on what I truly desire to create, and directing my consciousness around that creation.

5) What situations are triggering low-level thinking or questions? What would be the high-level thinking or questions?

My mind is asking questions all day long. I have noticed that I have been asking the same questions or thinking the same way for years and receiving no response, or answers I don’t enjoy, from the Universe. It’s only because my thinking or my questions aren’t at the frequency they need to be to attract what I desire. It’s the difference between asking how I can pay my bills, and how I can be financially free. The Universe loves bigness and, it rewards it.

Just like your body, your consciousness needs a good workout. Being on a spiritual path means much more than focusing on the Law of Attraction. It means being an honest conversation with yourself and the Divine and always coming back to the same answer: you are loved, you are supported, and you are whole and complete.


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