5 Top Ways To Upgrade Your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex…

5 Top Ways To Upgrade Your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex

“Today’s healing requires a multi-faceted, multi-level, multi-dimensional, synergistic approach—on all levels of the mind/body/spirit complex.” -Olivia Weil

We are mind/body/spirit complexes. And to begin healing today, from my view, we need a synergistic approach to healing, one that addresses each component individually, and the whole system, collectively. In my mind, to begin healing, we must recognize that we all suffer from the same problem—and all require the same solution.

The problem is that we separated from Love, and chose to buy into fear in all areas of our lives. The solution, therefore, is to return to love, to begin making subtle shifts in each space of our lives and at each level of our mind/body/spirit complexes; to shift away from fear and, instead, choose to lean into joy and realign with love.

In my international healing and coaching practice, this is what I do with men and women every day. I help them begin transforming at all levels, facilitating a multi-level, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional approach to quantum healing, growth, rebirth and change. Here are my top 5 ways to upgrade your mind/body/spirit complex today and begin living a life filled with all things that are your birthright—love, compassion, abundance, success, health, wealth, longevity, grounded bliss, and more.

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Plant-Based Foods

Gone are the days where healing or spiritual seeking can be relegated only to the soul. Today, unfortunately, we are bombarded with toxins—through our air, water, food, and the like. For this reason, now more than ever, do we need to fuel our bodies with the richest source of nutrients we can, feeding our bodies and transforming our health at the cellular level. My nutritional mantra, simply put, is “We are what we eat.”

And so my number one pick for beginning to see changes at the level of the body, is a plant-based diet. Whether you want to be strict, or whether you just want to incorporate a few slight changes, only you know you best. The ideal picture looks something like consuming gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free, raw foods as much as possible (for the anti-inflammatory effects), superfoods, superherbs, and certain all-natural supplements. If that’s too much for you at the moment, then invite yourself to slowly but surely begin implementing a few moderate changes. Anything helps! Small steps go a long way.

In this regard, you can begin by shifting your perspective and eating habits one step at a time. For example, I love starting my day with a protein shake mixed with superfoods and superherbs. My current protein powder of choice is something along the lines of SunWarrior Protein Blend—meaning one that is raw, vegan, non-GMO, organic, and packed with superfoods.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense, calorie-poor foods that are FULL of life-force energy and therefore (in my view) should be part of any and all of our diets. Superfoods include things like chia seeds, goji berries, cacao, incan berries, and the like, to name a few.

Try this easy substitute in the mornings, and for best results, mix in some intermittent fasting as well, going about 16 hours between meals from the night before when you eat your last meal, until a late breakfast when you make your shake. This has the ability to put the body into Ketosis and trigger the process of autophagy. Autophagy is the recycling of cellular waste, the garbage build-up inside cells (and brain cells in particular) that interfere with mitochondrial function and mess with the death clock inside every cell (apoptosis). This process (of autophagy) is triggered when there are no sugars in the system, and insulin signaling has been turned off.

For an even more in-depth approach, you can check out this free PDF on Hacking the Human Biofield.

Glutathione IVs

My next top pick is incorporating Glutathione IVs from your local IV place, calling in lasting health, transformation, and longevity.

Glutathione (pronounced gloota-thigh-own) is commonly referred to as the “mother of all antioxidants”. Nearly 117,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have addressed this powerhouse molecule and experts now agree that many people, particularly over the age of 30, are deficient. This is mostly because of poor diet, oxidative stress, genetically modified food, artificial sweeteners, chronic stress, premature aging, disease, injuries, environmental toxins, and overuse of antibiotics, to name a few.

Benefits of this powerhouse antioxidant include increasing energy, slowing down the aging process, reducing muscle and joint discomfort, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the liver and cells, improving mental focus and clarity, improving quality of sleep, and reducing the effects of stress. For more info, you can check out an earlier article of mine, titled, Glutathione: Benefits of the Mother of All Antioxidants.

Meditation and Breathing

It’s probably no surprise that my top 3 pick is meditation and breathing. This is a simple, and easy, way to begin harnessing higher levels of consciousness and awareness, quieting the mind, and reviving the mind/body/spirit on all levels.

There is a myriad of breathing techniques out there, and finding ones that work for you is a helpful permission slip to accept.  Whether you choose to practice a method where you inhale for five seconds, hold your breath at the top for five seconds, and exhale and release for five seconds—before repeating the same cycle. Or, whether you choose to simply take deep, nourishing inhalations on the in-breath, and long, audible exhalations on the out breath. Or even another method; whatever you feel resonates with you, harness your greatest superpower: the breath. And begin putting it to good use.

Meditation, too, is one of the easiest and most readily available techniques for self-healing. Putting a practice of meditation into your daily regime, even if just for three to ten minutes per day, can translate into huge, amazing strides in your overall picture of health and wellness. Quieting the mind allows you access to this place of quiet surrender within you—a place of expansiveness and growth.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine session work with shamans is my next top pick for healing the mind/body/spirit in a synergistic way. Shamans, or energy medicine practitioners, are medicine men and women — originally, shamans of the old, the indigenous peoples of the high Andes and other places — who have an intrinsic, direct relationship with all of nature and the energetic, or Spirit, realm.

In energy medicine healing sessions, you can make amazing strides that are not possible in the same way, in any other healing space such as talk therapy or psychotherapy. It is said that what can be transformed and transmuted in just one energy medicine session can replace what takes years or even a decade in psychotherapy to accomplish. That’s big.

For more information on energy medicine, check out other articles of mine such as The Healing Benefits of Energy Medicine, or The Soul Retrieval Process.

In particular, illuminations and soul retrieval are key shamanic processes in this space. Illuminations clear and combust the negative energies adhering to the chakra walls, those vortices of energy laying two to three inches above the physical body. So too does it scour clean the karmic imprints lying in the luminous energy field, that torus, egg-shaped like field of invisible energy that shamans are trained to see with the naked eye.

Additionally, the soul retrieval process is a meaningful and beautiful shamanic practice whereby we retrieve lost soul parts on behalf of a client. When an individual experiences trauma, pieces of the soul tether to the body, and escape to a safe place—taking harbor elsewhere since the body is signaling that it is no longer safe to stay in. After usually a series of (meaning a few sessions of) illuminations and extractions of intrusive energies, a shaman can perform a soul retrieval, finding these lost parts from the quantum field, bringing them back, and integrating them back into the physical body, making you feel harmonized and whole once again.

Following Your Bliss

My final and top 5 pick for healing and transformation is following a tried and true formula: following your bliss.

When we follow our bliss to the best of our ability, without attachment to or insistence on the outcome, amazing things become possible. When we align with joy and follow our passion in life, we ignite a fire in our belly and begin fanning the flames of our existence that becomes and manifests into, an unstoppable force of love/light, light/love energy.

This is where we step into that realm we so often talk about, that time-space reality where miracles are commonplace and magic is real. Today, you can commit to shedding your fears and the stories that are no longer serving you, committing to leaning into joy and realigning with love. Make this promise to yourself to surrender, to let your fears go, and instead, choose love in every moment.

Make these subtle shifts from fear to love, inviting more miracles into your life every day, and begin to build your container—your vessel—into one of strength, harmony, healing, and transformation.


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