Unlocking The Seven Keys To Abundance…

Unlocking The Seven Keys To Abundance

When we think of abundance, we tend to think of financial gains. While this is definitely a form of abundance, it is not the only form of wealth. In fact, there are seven main portals to receive and experience abundance. These seven come from the chakra system, rooted in Vedic wisdom. In Vedic wisdom, the chakra system is an energetic template to understand the deep relationship between the mind, body and soul complex. An actual chakra is related to a spinning wheel of energy. There are 114 chakras in each of us; however, there are seven main ones aligned along our spine. Each chakra relates to different physiological functions, emotions and soul opportunities. Those soul opportunities give us a key to unlocking the fullest potential of that energy center and experience pure abundance.

Let’s take a journey through each chakra portal.

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Root chakra

This is the energy center where all earthly abundance is birthed from. We experience abundance here with financial gains, family relations and home life. The ability to experience this type of abundance comes from our ability to be grounded in our truth and stable in the present moment. With this embodied state of being, we may notice bonuses and raises at work, endless love and support from our family, and feeling whole in our bodies and places of residences.

Sacral chakra

It is in the sacral chakra where we access abundance in joy, creativity, and divine feminine energy. Our ability to follow what lights us up and be in a state of receptivity enables this chakra to have energy flowing through it. When we are open to receiving, we experience total excitement for our days and catch ourselves in the flow state for our creative projects. Overall, we feel like we can float through our days with grace and ease, just as the divine feminine teaches us.

Solar Plexus chakra

Our solar plexus chakra brings us abundance in finding our passion and living our soul’s purpose. Our ability to stand in our authenticity ignites this chakra to pour infinite abundance into us. When we are in this state, we become deeply motivated to master our gifts, follow what fuels our passion, and fully commit to living a life of purpose.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is a portal that brings us an abundance of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. When we have a healthy balance of giving and receiving, there is healthy flow through this chakra. The heart chakra pours abundance into our lives through the three most important relationships we have: the divine communion between our masculine and feminine energies, our soul-thriving relationships and our connection to divinity, unity consciousness.

Throat chakra

Our throat center is where we experience abundance in communication, creative expression, and empathetic listening. We are able to full receive abundance in this chakra when we speak with clear conviction and listen for the truth. This chakra responds to these actions by showering us with words of wisdom from the divine and making us a clear channel for divine to express itself through us. This creative expression is so uniquely expressed in each of us.

Third Eye chakra

Our third eye chakra is the center for receiving transcendental wisdom, harnessing our intuitive abilities and trusting our highest Self. This chakra is activated when we release the ego mind, trust our intuition, and are open to receiving messages from the universe. We receive in full abundance through our awakened psychic abilities like vivid dreams, angel numbers or synchronistic experiences. In the consistent shedding of the ego mind or illusion of life, we start to see through our third eye with more clarity and have the ability to manifest our soul’s desires.

Crown chakra

The crown chakra portal represents how interconnected each infinite expression of the divine is. This chakra flows with energy when we take opportunities to grow and expand our perspectives. The crown pours her full abundance into our lives through deep, spiritual transformations and cosmic opportunities. It is in these moments where we completely dissolve our physical body and come to realize just how vast the infinite really is. Can you imagine if we were only open to receiving abundance in our first chakra? We would miss out on the opportunity to experience the true essence of abundance in all her forms.

You were meant to experience this life with full abundance.


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