5 Ways To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe…

5 Ways To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe

Here are 5 very vast subjects you can study that unlock the secrets of the universe. Yes, these include fun things like knowing the future, healing people, and telepathy….but the most important thing is knowing yourself.

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Remember that book called the Bible? It’s the most published book in the world and it starts off talking about sound. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.” That is a clue most people overlook.

The mantras we chant rhythmically allow us to break through subconscious thought forms that are psycho magnetic and throw us into worry and hormonal imbalance. Mantras are a technology that tunes you into the infinite wisdom. Pronunciation is important but it is said that listening, thinking or chanting all has the same effect. The goal with chanting is to move the navel in as the tongue strikes the roof of the mouth. This creates a rhythm between you and the cosmic creative force.


The ancient healing tool of the gong isn’t supposed to be played by any untrained person because it’s very powerful. It can clear the subconscious and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Gongs Unlimited has a variety of them and can answer your questions on planetary gongs versus others.

The gong is sacred and should be played by someone who is spiritually advanced. Pregnant women should avoid being around the gong because the fetus is so impressionable. The player is just as important as the quality of the gong if not more. Some people experience a kundalini awakening from this instrument and it’s regarded as one of the most powerful energies on the planet.


Breathing techniques which strengthen your nerves and add energy to your body activate a hydraulic system that can move energy in and around you. You can increase the size of your aura and begin to develop your intuition.

It works like compounded interest. If you do it daily, your breath capacity increases, your ability to compute gets stronger and your telepathy/manifesting ability will shift as well. We know most people are shallow breathers and there are special breathing techniques that will make you feel high without the illegal or harmful side effects. Now that’s rad!


A mudra is a hand position. The hand is like a metaphor for the planetary bodies. The placement, angle and connection of the fingers to different places of the aura and body have been studied, practiced and documented for 5,000 years. You can increase communication, activate supernatural abilities, increase calmness or alertness.

They work to help guide energy and heal your body. The hands can contain a high amount of energy that can be sent at a distance to heal. Usually exercises involving mudras will include breathing and mantra as well.

Daily Yoga Set

The interesting thing about doing a physical practice is that most people don’t find the secrets to the universe because they don’t combine all five of these things together. Think of it like baking, only it’s creating a specific energetic and chemical state in your body and energy field that resonates on a very high vibration.

Physical yoga is the foundation for the other aspects to work better and it shouldn’t be skipped. Many people get stuck in the physical posture classes without realizing they could be manifesting and attracting all sorts of resources.

The daily yoga essentially gets all the systems of your body (endocrine, glandular, nervous, immune, musculoskeletal, lymphatic and digestive) working optimally so you can conduct more energy. Humans are the most sophisticated technology on the planet and the ancient yogis, who are rumored to have studied with Jesus, spent many generations finding the keys to unlock the secrets of the universe.

If we want to do our part and create more peace on the planet, just having a daily practice with these 5 elements could make your energy strong enough to heal people just with your presence alone. Now that’s a worthwhile goal! Finally, I’ll add that as you strengthen your energy field, look for the tools and techniques to protect yourself with mantras, crystals, earthing, sage and salt baths. Working, socializing and living with high vibration people is also a great way to protect your energy as it increases.

There are great online classes about unlocking the secrets of the universe with these 5 tools online.


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