6 Unknown But Crucial Aspects Of Karma You Need To Know…

6 Unknown But Crucial Aspects Of Karma You Need To Know


You’ve probably heard about Karma and what it means, right?

It is said that whenever we do something, there is a force that will return to us afterward. This force is not meant to punish us in any way, but reflect back what we give so we can see how our actions affect the world around us.

Learning a few more details about Karma will help you realize how you can become empowered by it instead of fearing what lies in wait.

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Life is one big mirror. It reflects whatever you put into it. If you don’t take responsibility for it, life will spin out of control! Remember: you are in control of your own direction, now and always. It’s a very empowering thought.


They say if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Getting stuck in a rut forces life (Karma) to come to you in other ways, often upending an easy life. Meet life head on! People should grow based on their experiences and through changing for the better. Don’t let routine hold you back.


Lots of people are very scatterbrain when it comes to their direction in life. They go in a bunch of directions, not really staying focused on the task at hand. Therefore their results are mixed when it comes to success. In order to attract the positive effects of Karma, you need stay focused.


They say humility is the #1 spiritual trait, to be prized above all others. If you believe that somehow you’re above people because you only see their flaws, then this lesson will follow you forever: that ultimately self-importance is an aspect of the ego. Focusing on the negatives in other people shows you haven’t learned to see everyone equally just yet.


One of my favorite phrases encapsulates this very well: ‘Keep on keeping on.’ It’s simple but it really conveys the point. You keep moving forward and expect the rest will take care of itself. The things you want to achieve takes time. This is the reason why you have to work hard before you get your reward in life.

The Most Important Law

You get what give! If you want to have a happy, positive life, then do good to others. If you are bad, then you can expect that in return. This is the very basis of Karma.


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