5 Ways The Universe Is Letting You Know You’re On The Right Path…

5 Ways The Universe Is Letting You Know You’re On The Right Path

The possibilities in life are endless. As a spiritual being on a human journey, there are so many different paths we are presented in life. Overrun with options, it is sometimes difficult to know if we are on the “right” path. There is no “right” way, but we humans often see things in duality and black/white. We want to know which is the best route to take that aligns us with our true and higher selves.

As one grows more and more conscious, doors begin to open, revealing hidden messages in our every day lives that the universe is sending us. These little clues are ways the universe/consciousness is sending us, giving us that confirmation of being on a path towards our better selves. Here are some common ways this happens:

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Seeing Numbers

Synchronicity is most common in the repeat of numbers. Often times, this happens because our literal brain needs patterns and logical ways of interpreting what the universe is telling us. Is there a pattern or series of numbers that you happen to see a lot of? 11’s tend to be the most common.

Spirit Animals

If you follow more shamanistic practices, spirit/totem animals hold significant meanings and help us in our spiritual journeys. Each animal is associated with specific messages, and if you notice one crossing your path a lot, pay attention to the meaning behind the creature.

Life is Easy

Does it just happen that everything in your life magically lines up? That life seems to be a breeze and you keep manifesting positive things? When you receive little to no resistance from the universe (in terms of “stuff going wrong”) it is a sign that you are on the right path. It wouldn’t be so easy if you weren’t!

Seeing Synchronicities more Frequently

Numbers and animals are just some of the clues we receive from the universe, letting us know we are on the right path. The more and more these hints/occurrences happen, the more and more you are aligning with your higher self.


When we sleep, our subconscious is more prone to picking up messages the universe sends us. Symbolism is quite common in decoding these messages, for instance, seeing a red door in many of your dreams can be a sign of anger that you are keeping locked inside you. Other times these dreams can be prophetic, foreshadowing future events. Keeping a dream journal is a useful way to help in remembering and understanding these dreams.


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