5 Universal Traits Of A Mature Soul…

5 Universal Traits Of A Mature Soul

What does it mean that the Soul is mature? If during your spiritual journey, you ask yourself the question, “What do I expect from life,” and you give an honest answer, the quality of that answer contains the response the question of the Soul’s maturity.

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Characteristics of a mature soul

  • The mature Soul is beyond its desires and ambitions bound to shapes and forms. The realization that achieving the goals and ambitions did not bring it real happiness, made it mature. It may have brought temporary satisfaction, but not lasting happiness.
  • The mature Soul experienced the nature of desires, the constant variability of the world of shapes and forms, where nothing is lasting, everything is dialectical, changeable.
  • The mature Soul is able to abandon its materialistic desires and ambitions and live life minimally. It understands that this life is only temporary, and physical objects can only provide a certain amount of happiness. True happiness is found within the connection between souls, not in buying items.
  • The mature Soul, when the question “What do I expect from life?” is posed, provides the following answer: I want to find the real center of my life in order to reach the lasting happiness afforded by the independence of shapes and forms, the joy of existence and the state of unity.
  • The mature Soul does not insist on itself. It is pleased to surrender to the process that eventually dissolves it. It gradually abandons identification with the ego (that is, itself), giving way to the recognition that the Soul is, in fact, a Consciousness without a form.

Difference with an Immature Soul

The immature Soul is always full of desires. It has ambitions and objectives it intends to achieve, whether these ambitions are of the lowest order (money, power) or of the most sophisticated ones (religious devotion, spiritual self-implementation). Reaching these goals always requires time, so future is always important for the immature Soul.

If the immature Soul has spiritual objectives, then it may suspect that all important things take place in the here and now. But the Soul still uses the present moment as a springboard to get to its future objectives. It is important to know that the immature Soul is only able to imitate that poverty, as it has not yet experienced wealth (whether it is material, intellectual or moral wealth). Therefore, there is still a suppressed, unconscious desire in it for those things. Until the desires are satisfied, the Soul will not have a chance to experience the nature of forms, shapes and desires, so it cannot become mature.


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