How Can You Unite With Your Twin Flame?…

How Can You Unite With Your Twin Flame?

Have you been trying to manipulate your Twin Flame connection for some time, only to be left feeling increasingly more frustrated that nothing is working the way you desire? I want to share something that you may have not realized yet about this connection.

The Twin Flame love is a Divine connection connecting two people through their heart center — that is the seat of their soul.

No amount of cord-cutting, telling yourself that you ‘don’t want to feel this’ or thinking yourself ‘out of this connection’ mentally will do anything. This is because your heart is electromagnetically stronger than your brain and you simply cannot just disconnect from your true twin flame based on your ego-mind. No doubt, the brain has its electric and magnetic field, but they are relatively weak compared with the heart’s that is about 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically, based on research from the Heart Math Institute, USA.

Your heart is 5,000 times stronger magnetically than your brain.

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Guidance from the Divine

The Twin Flame connection is Divinely guided. It will start with awakening your heart center, which feels blissful and ecstatic, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. Your Twin flame will awaken certain light codes within you for you to start healing, reintegrating your shadow aspects and healing your inner child. Shortly after awakening to the ‘out-of-this-world Divine love feelings’, you will be guided to the purging and healing stage.

This is by far the longest and most complex stage because, at every opportunity of letting go of something disempowering out of your life, your ego kicks in wanting to keep things the same. You will have to learn to soothe your ego to navigate this painful stage and remind yourself:

“I’ve got this. I am learning to let go of the old and welcome the new empowering beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions in my life. I am learning to release victimhood and take charge of my healing as a true alchemist of the heart”.

The whole purpose of the Twin Flame Awakening process is to bring you into your wholeness

You won’t be able to stop this connection because the energy that is behind it is your own Life force energy, which is the same as the Kundalini Goddess energy (Chi or Prana) that has an immense intelligence and knows exactly what needs to heal within you for you to become whole. It will keep you connected to your true Twin flame for as long as you need this to heal. This can take lifetimes.

The cherry on top is your union as a bonus after the crucial healing is complete and you feel whole. This state of wholeness also means that you no longer obsess about your twin flame because you understand that you are one in the spirit realm and there is nothing missing. Because we create our reality from the inside out or in other words, what we consistently vibe, we receive (attract) in the physical. If you vibe wholeness, you receive wholeness and part of that is your union with your twin flame.

But you have to remember that your twin flame is a sovereign independent being who has his/ her own lessons to master in this lifetime and they are not here to be your puppet to meet your relationship needs. They are on their own journey towards healing and mastery that may include relationships with other people who are able to teach them hard lessons that you never could.

You cannot manipulate this connection into submission and on the command of your ego. It will never work!

The only thing you need to do is to TRUST, SURRENDER; ALLOW and when you have mastered these states of being long enough (in other words nurtured them long enough for them to become your second nature), that’s when you will RECEIVE in the physical. There cannot be any other way.

Forcing things to happen will only cause you grief, frustration and will leave you feeling empty because you are ABANDONING yourself and chasing after someone who you believe will make you feel whole.

Twin flame opposites

You are energetic polar opposites with your twin flame. This means that when you are predominantly in your masculine energy (doing, chasing, obsessing), your twin flame is in his/ her feminine energy (being, surrendered, connected to heart and intuition. But if they are not in their wholeness, they will be running from you to first complete their lessons they need to master to get into their wholeness and balance). If you relax, surrender and get into the feminine energy of flow, allowing, trusting, your twin flame will shift into the masculine energy (taking action, doing, chasing).

But again, these states are to be felt in their purity and they cannot be manipulated into submission because your ego wants it that way. You will feel the difference as you evolve. And only looking back, you will be able to see where and how you were still attached to your twin flame out of egotistic needs instead of pure heart-knowing. I know this is hard to accept sometimes but if you are chasing your twin flame, you are chasing yourself. When you eventually get tired of chasing, you will finally surrender, relax, trust, allow and all this is followed by RECEIVING…

It’s all about your inner state of being. So notice, where are you at today mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the way you think, feel and know the truth of your Twin Flame?

Notice when your ego screams at you: “I must get xyz…”

Where does it come from?

What beliefs or unmet childhood needs lie beneath that?

There is your work right there.

I hope this serves you.

Much love,

Monika Grace


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