Unfolding Into Spring — Body, Mind, And Spirit…

Unfolding Into Spring — Body, Mind, And Spirit

In the Northern Hemisphere, we just reached the Vernal Equinox. The point in time when we have balance; when our day and night are equal; when the hope of new beginnings is rooted in the rebirth of Spring. We can tap into the energy of any moment in time whether it’s the vibration of earth, air, water or fire; or it’s the energy of new plant life, the color green or the unfolding of Spring. We can energetically attune our own beings to whatever we choose.

Spring offers us a perfect time to explore the expanding and unfolding energies that come with this time of year.

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Embrace Your Pause

If you watch a slow-motion video of a flower blooming, you will often see a moment of ‘pause’ in the unfolding, a moment where the flower, in a sense, catches its breath to collect up the energy it needs to continue unfolding. There is so much we can learn from this unfolding and that we can take into our own process of growth. As we step into Spring, tap into the energies of rebirth, new growth, and expansion to fuel the next step on your own Spiritual journey. Spend some time reflecting on the way you are unfolding into your next level of Spiritual awareness. Are you in a ‘pause’ moment? Are you fighting the pause? Sink into the pause, breathe into the pause and use this moment to prepare for the next layer of unfolding.

Signs of Hope and New Beginnings

Spring is rich with reminders of hope and new beginnings.

The Snow Drop, one of the first flowers to poke through the ground, comes no matter what. It doesn’t fear the possibility of being blanketed by snow and it can even be seen growing up through the snow. We can tap into the fortitude, the certainty, and the sense of hope that the Snow Drop offers. The Robins are often the first heralds of Spring, singing their song, claiming their territory for the upcoming birthing season. Male Robins vie for their territory through song. They sing-fight. We can tap into the energy of the male Robin and empower our own voice and empower our ability to claim what is ours.

Physically Emulate New Growth

We can also emulate the new growth of Spring in our own practice by physically allowing ourselves to unfold. Whether you practice yoga, or you dance or you simply sit or stand; allow your physical body to unfold in whatever way comes to you. Feel the expansion of your body as you stretch and let your arms and neck and shoulders find new space. Let the light in, let your breath move through your body and open your heart space and your throat. Physically unfold into Spring!

Unfold Into Something More

When we embrace our Spiritual journey as the ever-expanding, ever-unfolding, rich and even luxurious experience it is; when we stop pushing against our pauses and embrace the beauty of each moment; our journey flows like the ever-changing seasons – with reason, with purpose and with its own Divine plan. Unfold into Spring. Petal-by-petal, open to the possibility of something more, something new, something revitalizing. Celebrate your growth and remember that we can use the energies around us to support our growth, to inform our growth and to help us step into deeper, more empowered ways of being.

Just as Spring comes with its rebirth every year, we too are constantly evolving and growing. There is always another layer and a deeper level of consciousness waiting to break through and lead you to a whole new way of seeing and being.


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